Quick and Easy Secret to Support Others and You

Julia Ward Howe once asked a senator to help a wounded soldier.

Came a quick reply, “I’ve become so busy with my responsibilities as a senator that I can’t concern myself with individuals.”

“That’s remarkable,” she replied. “Even God hasn’t achieved that level of importance yet.”

PAWS FOR SUCCESS – poets, artisans, and writers supporting each other to succeed.

(Why the symbol of an animal’s paw? Because animals support their packs and love unconditionally)
Admirable thought, isn’t it? But how do we support others when our time is so tight? We’re blogging, we’re commenting on facebook, we try to tweet when we can, we belong to groups here, there, and everywhere, we’re practising our craft and promoting that and ourselves. We don’t have the time to support every blog post or attend every invite. What can we do?
I’m about to explain what we can do and how it can help us in return, and it takes just a few minutes of our time each day, and I’m only covering a few of the many places we visit everyday. Once you get organized in these sites, any other sites will be a breeze when trying to save time too.
Let’s begin by organizing a couple of things:
Organize your Travels Around the Internet
Now is the time to take a close look at the groups you belong to and sites you visit. Analyze this information. Is that group or site really beneficial to you? Or is it taking you away from your goals? If it’s not helping you in some way, get out of the group and quit visiting that site.
That’s not to say we should be all business. Remember, I’m a huge POGO fan. When I’ve done work I planned on doing, POGO is my break – as long as I don’t stay there all day. Use your distraction sites as a reward, but watch the time you spend there.
Organize Your RSS Feeds and Blogs that you Follow
First of all, go through all those blogs on your list. Check for inactive or closed blogs. I do this once a year. You’d be surprised how many no longer exist. If you use Reader, click unsubscribe. Now look at the blogs that are left. If you no longer want to follow these blogs, unfollow, then in your Reader unsubscribe. This greatly cuts down your list, making it more manageable and gives you room for new blogs that you’d like to follow.
Get these two projects out of the way first.
Step 2. Facebook
You don’t have to comment on every friend or family member that posts, but you can click ‘like’ and/or share. This simple step saves you a lot of time for commenting on the posts you want to comment on. By clicking ‘like’/’share’ you help that person get noticed and in return, it helps you get noticed and builds a circle of friendship too.
Organize your Facebook time. The biggest complaint about Facebook that I hear is how much time is spent there. Set X amount of time aside for it and stick to it.
Other groups you belong to may already have a connect to Facebook app. Approve it. Then when you post a review or information on your blog or click ‘like/share’, it will automatically post to Facebook saving you the time on duplicating that post. Be sure to ok this app on Twitter and Pinterest too.
Step 3. Twitter
Can Twitter provide you an audience? Yes, it can, but you have to be smart. You only have so many characters to use, so use them wisely. When tweeting, tweet the same message no more than 2 or 3 times that day. It won’t do you any good to over-tweet. In fact, followers will tune you out.
Scan the tweets. Again, set a time limit. Tweets that stand out, retweet. Pick only a handful to comment on. Don’t expect others to read your tweets if you’re not showing an interest in theirs. Again, this helps both you and the other person get noticed.
Step 4. Google +
Same thing here. Set a time limit. Run through the posts, clicking 1 if you like the post and also share if you wish. Gives you more time for commenting.
Step 5. Blogs
Do you have blogs everywhere? I have 3: Blogger, WordPress, and Goodreads. Goodreads has an app so you put in your URL of your main blog and it will pick that up as your Goodreads blog. If you want to get noticed by yet another audience, this is a quick and easy way for that.
You can also copy and paste from Blogger to WordPress and vica versa. There’s another whole audience in each place.
Don’t forget your tags so people can find you.
Step 6. Pinterest
Pinterest is the in-place to be these days. You can advertise your blog, you tube videos, your books, your friends’ books, and pick up followers. Pinterest is like Facebook and Twitter – it can be addictive. Set a time limit. However, don’t open a Pinterest account and have only the one boarad that relates to your craft. No one will follow you. Pinterest is like the perfect temperature swimming pool in the heat of the day. Dive in and have fun finding all those treasures scattered around.
Scan Pinterest for your friends’/colleagues’ pins and re-pin. Be sure to follow them. Helps them, helps you.
Step 7. Blog posts, more blog posts, and a lot more blog posts
We’d all love to comment on everyone’s blog posts all the time, but we can’t. We can, however, promote them.
When I first started blogging, I did so every day. After trying to read others’ blogs who posted every day, I realized something. It’s unfair to expect our readers to comment on every single post every single day. I now blog 3 times a week – with some exceptions.
AND – the attitude that your blog is all-important and you expect comments while you have no time for anyone else’s blog posts is just – well – selfish and arrogant.
BUT we are all busy, so what to do.
Simply this. Almost every blog has the feeds to G+, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and a slew of others. Whether you comment or not, click on those (as many as you have time for). You’re helping your friend out by advertising for them to other sites you’re on. In turn, this gives notice to you and keeps you active on those sites.
If you don’t have all these nifty buttons, I suggest you go to Add This and open an account (it’s free and quick) and grab yourself some buttons.
Did you know you can put a blurb from another post on your blogger and/or WordPress account by a simple click? Absolutely. Notice the example at the top of this article. I read a friend’s blog and clicked on the blogger link on that blog.
If you check my WordPress blog out, you’ll see that I ‘press’ a lot these days, especially reviews. Here’s one example: DM Yates Journalings You can even ‘press’ another’s ‘press’. (Please be aware my site is still under reconstruction).
Simply clicking ‘like’, ‘share’ or a sharing button, brings attention to that blog and that person by bringing attention to you.
“But I have to log in all over the internet to do this.” Yes, true, unless you’ve connected that site with your Twitter/Facebook account. Then it will automatically log you in.
“Is this the benefit for me? More recognition?”
Yes! Isn’t that great? But wait, there’s more. By simply ‘liking’/’sharing’retweeting/clicking buttons, your Klout score goes up! And you barely put any effort in, which equals…MORE recognition.
We are all working hard to get noticed in our fields. Let’s truly help each other out and start clicking them buttons, great time-savers that they are.
These are just a few simple time-saving ways to help each other out.
LHR and let’s be sure to PAWS for Success.

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