Spring into Action


Spring into Action is my goal right now. Spring represents new birth, new growth and 3 of us have taken upon us the task of growing our sales by setting up blog tours throughout this month.
How’s it going? It’s been quite successful so far, but also keeps us very busy.
How are we succeeding? Simply by using PAWS (poets/artisans/writers support for success. That’s right. We’re supporting and helping one another along.

Being an Indie Author brings a whole bunch of challenges with it. Not only must we self-publish (that means learning formatting), but we also have to learn the art of marketing. Most Indie Authors don’t have a lot of ready cash, so our advertising methods are limited.

I’ve read arguments over whether book reviews help us succeed or not. In most cases book reviews don’t bring in sales, but the most important aspect of reviews is that they help establish our presence on the web. If you search for DM Yates or Donna Yates on Google or Internet Explorer, you will see that I’m the first search to come up and I take up the entire first page of both of these search engines. That’s what presence is.

How you present yourself to the world is most important. When you sell your books, you must also sell yourself. And that’s the hard part. It takes a whole lot of work and knowledge.

So I send out a huge thank you to Joleene Naylor, Roger Lawrence and the many, many bloggers who are working with us.

With that in mind, here are some of the newer sites where I’ve been seen lately:
Wicca Witch 4 Book Blog DM Yates Interview

Wicca Witch 4 Book Blog Review of Always

(I have to say, meeting Amanda was the biggest treat. She is a wonderful person).

zigzag timeline author interview donna yates

(Mary is also wonderful to deal with).

guest-interview-donna-yates-author (an interview with Troy Jackson)

and there are several more lined up for the near future.

Also, both Joleene Naylor and I are entered in the YGR book trailer video contest – we were both thrilled to find this out:  http://yougottaread.com/

Sadly, though, we are competing against each other. If you want to vote, please vote for Jo. She is an exceptionally talented person and her video is really unique.

I also have 3 works to be published this year:


Stepping Stones to Love, Honor, and Respect Poetry by DM Yates (Gentle poems to warm your heart and your soul), scheduled for late spring. Here is a sample:

I viewed God’s rosebud to me descend,
and riding the wind it did not bend.
T’was a new birth that fell gracefully, 
and it would live for eternity.


I watched it gingerly open up,
‘til it bowed perfectly as a cup.
Gradually frail this old soul became,
And soon it returned from whence it came.




Geraldina Pottwatts (a collection of short stories about an older Midwestern woman who loves the Lard – Hallelujah-, prunes, and her excessively overweight tabby cat Snookums-Doodles). Here is a sample:


The Rutabaga Pie Heist


     The police car pulled up in front of 210 Sycamore Avenue. Officer Clark turned off the sirens and opened the door about to exit when he realized the driver, his partner, Officer Jim was staring at the house, horror stricken and unable to move.


     Clark had been with Jim for four years now, and never saw his partner look that way.  They’d been in some tough situations and Jim was hero material straight from the definition of the word.


     “Hey, Jim, buddy, what’s up?  You’re scaring me.  Do we need to call in more back up?  What is this place?  A hide-out for thieves?  Drug-dealers?  Gang members?  You think it has something to do with the stolen rutabaga pies that Buddy called in?”


     Jim, who didn’t dare take his eyes off the house, said in a shaky voice, “Oh,yes.  I think this will solve the mystery of the missing pies.  This, Clark, will be the most difficult day of your career, no matter what the future holds. Show no fear.  Best get it over with.”  Jim steeled himself to open the door, got out and walked with his head held high towards the house.  Clark joined him, his hand on his holster, unsure what to expect.


     Terrifying screams and gut-wrenching cries emitted from inside.  Officer Clark gulped.  Who’s being tortured and why?’ he wondered.


     Officer Jim walked staunchly to the door with a look of determination in his eyes, removed his cap, and rang the doorbell.  Officer Clark moved off to the right with his Glock aimed at the door, ready to save the life of his partner and the poor unfortunate victim within.


     The wailing continued, and Officer Clark could hear it getting louder as someone approached the door.


     Once the door opened, Officer Jim softened his look, and said, “Mrs. Pottwatts, we had several reports of trouble at your home.  Are you alright?”  Officer Jim gulped and forced a smile on his face.


     “Well, my Lard, if it isn’t little Jimmy boy.  And my, haven’t ya grown?”  The woman’s voice took on a nasty tone when she saw Officer Clark.  “What’s the matter with ya, boy?  Forgot all yer manners, have ya?  Be polite and take that hat off when talkin’ to a proper lady.”  Throwing her hands into the air, she yelled, “Lard, help us with these disrespectful young uns.” Turning back to Officer Clark she said, “Ya point that thing elsewhere or yer mamma will be getting’ a call right prompt.”


     Immediately, Officer Clark holstered his weapon and removed his hat.  “I apologize, Ma’am.”


     “Much better.  Lucky I didn’t smack ya one for yer disrespect.”


     Officer Jim unconsciously ran a hand across his left cheek, as if remembering a past experience.


     “Well, are ya goin’ ta help me or not?  Don’t be dawdling.  Come on, get in here.”


     Officer Jim turned to his partner and motioned quickly to follow him inside.  They walked behind Geraldina, who continued to sniff loudly, as she entered her kitchen.


     Officer Clark set his hat down on her table and took out a pad of paper and pen.  “Can you explain what happened?”


     “You be Get that sweaty hat off my eatin’ table this instant, ya big galoot.”  Turning to Jim, she asked, “Where’d ya find the nitwit?”


     “Uh, Mrs. Pottwatts, he’s my partner and a good man too.”


     “Whatever,” she answered, sniffing into a wad of Kleenex she had in her hand.


     “I apologize, ma’am.  Now, if you could just tell us what happened here?”  Officer Clark looked questioningly around the room.  So far, nothing seemed out of order in this pristine museum-like home.


     “Young un, ya blind or what?  They kidnapped my baby!”  Geraldina cried loudly.


     “Do you have any pictures of the missing child?  Do you think it’s related to the stolen rutabaga pies from down the street?” asked Officer Clark.


     “Yer a slow one, aren’t ya?” said Gerry.  Throwing her hands into the air, she yelled, “Why, Lard, why?  In my most needed time of help, why would ya send me Little Jimmy and someone with not a brain in that oversized head of his?”  Glaring at Officer Clark, she said, “Look at all these pictures.  I don’t see how you can’t see ‘em.  As for those pies, no doubt a good Samaritan destroyed ‘em before Shirley could enter ‘em in another bake-off.  She only wins, ya know, because the pastor takes pity on her terrible baking.  Everyone knows I should win every year with my creamed prune pies.”


     “Please calm down, ma’am,” said Officer Clark.  “Just show us a picture so we can get on with our work.”


     Meanwhile, Officer Jim was staring at a photo of Gerry and Snookums Doodles.  The cat hadn’t changed over the years, except to get fatter.


     “Oh, ya are a dumb one, that’s for sure.  Just look around, Sonny.”  Gerry grabbed another handful of Kleenexes and sniffled into them. 


     As Officer Clark looked around the room, he noticed the walls were covered with pictures of a large squishy stuffed animal.


     “Do you have one that shows the baby alone?  I can’t see past that huge stuffed cat,” said Officer Clark.


     Gerri looked as if she were going to attack the officer and started to walk towards him.


     Officer Jim cleared his throat, held out his hand to stop Gerri, and in a whisper out the side of his mouth, he said, “That is her baby.  It’s a cat.”


     “What?” yelled Officer Clark.  He walked closer to one picture and noticed the greatly overweight cat with a grumpy face staring at him.  Officer Clark shivered.


Geraldina Pottwatts is due to be published this summer.


In the fall of this year, the sequel to Always will be available. Titled The Lone Hero, it is the first mission that Einarr received – to go to the dragon world and put an end to their war.


Here’s a short excerpt:


“I will kill you and today,” said Einarr as he charged towards the dragon again.


In one swift movement, the dragon grabbed Einarr’s knife with one claw and held Einarr down on the ground with his other claw.


“Heh heh heh, ok, I’ll admit this is fun.”


“Let me up!” demanded Einarr.


The dragon yawned. “Promise me you’ll listen to what I have to say.”


“I promise only to slay you, beast.”


“Name calling. Is that to weaken me? Okay, I’ll play along. Ow, that hurt. Please no more.”


“I hate you; I hate all of your kind.”


The dragon yawned louder, but didn’t move. Instead, he settled his body deeper into the ground and slowly squeezed Einarr’s sides.


“Oomph. Stop that. Oomph. I said stop that. Alright, alright, I’ll listen to your lies and then I’ll take pleasure in executing you.”


The dragon released him and slid his knife to him. “I hope you won’t be using that knife. I’m quite old and have a tough hide. Even I don’t have that many years left to wait for such a long tedious death while you scratch away at me.”


Einarr sat across from the dragon. “Speak your last words.”

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Thank you for dropping by to see what I’ve been up to.

LHR my friends and remember to PAWS for Success.




2 thoughts on “Spring into Action

  1. You’re a such a sweet lady, Donna! Your trailer is awesome, too, though it looks liek we will have plenty of competition come time to vote.

    HAHAHAHA! “can’t see the baby past the stuffed cat” OMG!! That just killed me!1

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