Poetry at Your Fingertips

Introducing my 2nd published book: Stepping Stones to Love Honor and Respect, a collection of poems written by DM Yates




I’m thrilled to announce that my poetry book is finally available in e-book format. The paperback should be available next week.


Don’t you just love this cover? Again, I must thank Joleene Naylor for the picturesque cover. I am in awe of her talent. 


This collection of poetry has taken years to edit and revise, and I especially wish to thank my 2 final reviewers, Roger Lawrence and Joleene Naylor. 


There are 60 poems of various topics in this book. There’s actually something for everyone. Categories include: Love, Honor, Respect, New Age, Eclectic, Pain, Tales, Religious, Fun, Collections, and Earth.


The e-book can be purchased from Smashwords, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, and I Pad. It sells for 99cents.


Here is the amazon link: Amazon.com If you click on the link you can preview the book.


Of course, I will be doing give-aways in the near future so please keep checking my blog. In the meantime, how about a sampling of my poetry?




Give me but a Rose

You ask what you can give to me
to show your love divine.


Give me but a rose, my dear,
and this will be your sign.


It must have grown in earth’s rich loam;
sweet essence so refined.


Cleansed several times by rain’s nectar,
a red grail that doth shine.


You with said flower, freshly picked,
towards Elysium will climb.


Up to the gods you must ascend;
they’ll lave our rose in wine.


They’ll notice your enamored heart;
the solemn vow of thine.


Weeping, they’ll pour their precious draught
around our hearts to bind.


—Eternal tears which trusses us
for now thru all earth’s time—


And so, my fair, it will become
a thorn-less rose enshrined.


You asked what gift I’d take from thee.
I’ll take such bloom entwined.


Oh, give me but a simple prize,
a gem as I’ve defined:


A humble choice the gods have blessed—
your love to me consigned.






I Used to go a A’wandering

I used to go a’wandering
across mystical lands so green
to visit with the wee faeries
and drink sweet tea with their queen.


I used to go a’wandering
through the enchanted meadows fair
to spend delightful days dancing
in the magical creatures’ square.


No longer can I traipse about,
tho’ I do remember those times
and the merriment I enjoyed,
including making silly rhymes.





Mother Willow Weep for Me

Mother Willow, weep for me,
oh so wise and gracious tree.
Can you sense my depth of pain?
How may I my self regain?


Mother Willow cry for me,
drooping buds abundantly.
Darkness reigns and gloom is rife.
Endlessly I dwell in strife.


Mother Willow, mourn for me.
Are you not a weeping tree?
I’m a prisoner of my heart.
Stubbornly I won’t depart.


In the spring your flowers bloom,
filled with zest, you show said plumes.
In the summer, leaves then flow,
healthfully you justly grow.


In the while, shadows come,
wistfully you wither some.
Blasts in chilling, bitter cold.
Empty boughs, you wend to old.


I’ve paused in fall far too long.
I’ve forgotten life’s sweet song.
I fear winter will be next,
where my soul will e’er be vexed.


I’ll in darkness frozen stay;
for autumn never flits away.
Lacking spring, no summer sun.
Icy threads forever strung.


If I adopt winds that blow,
and riding them, forward go,
changing seasons, I’ll be free,
soaring high to love, maybe?


Mother Willow weep for me.
Rooted deep in earth, yet free.
Graceful, standing tall and proud.
May I thus be so endowed.




The Last Leaf’s Abscission

Autumn shifts to winter.
The last shoots clutch the ground.
Upon the barren tree
abides one leaf turned brown.


Cold and bitter winds blow.
Alone it fights the breeze.
Stubbornly it clings still.
Above the field, fallen leaves.



It can’t stay much longer,
the gusts are stronger now.
It must release its hold
and floating down, will bow.



My First Reviews

I was so surprised to see a wonderful and encouraging review of my poetry on Roger’s site and Joleene’s referral to his blog: http://rogeey.wordpress.com/2013/07/20/a-new-poetry-collection-from-donna-yates/

I tell you, I’ve been floating on clouds for days. Again, I send my thanks to these kind friends.


Finally, if you wish to contact Joleene Naylor about book covers: http://coverart.joleenenaylor.com/


Take a moment to browse my book and please do leave your comments. If you haven’t liked my author page on amazon, here’s the link:  DM Yates


Thank you for dropping by and sharing in my exciting news.


LHR my friends.



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