Let There be Peace on Earth

I was greatly disturbed to read the latest incident of hate crimes in our country. I’m sure you’ve all seen this on the news or read about it:From Toronto News:

A World War II veteran was brutally beaten and left for dead by two
teens outside an Eagles Lodge in Spokane, Washington on Wednesday.

Police say the victim appears to have been picked at random.

Belton was sitting outside the lodge Wednesday evening where he was
waiting for a friend. The friends had planned on playing a game of pool.

received a call about an assault at 8:15 p.m. and found Belton sitting
in his car with serious head injuries. He was taken to hospital where he
died Thursday morning.

Investigators say Delton was attacked in the parking lot belonging to the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Belton was hit with large flashlights said his daughter-in-law, Bobbie Belton.

“They used those great big, heavy flashlights. The doctor said he was bleeding from all parts of his face.”

Police arrested one 16-year-old suspect on Friday morning and charged him with first-degree robbery and first-degree murder.

Authorities continue to search for another, described as a black male between the ages of 16 and 19, seen on security footage.

This has sparked another outrage on Twitter and other social sites, and well it should. It is the latest in a series of hate crimes, and what deeply bothers me is that this man was a veteran of WWII. He survived from that horrendous war only to be beaten to death by two citizens of the country he defended.

This next story is particularly disturbing. Here’s the headline from CBS News:

3 Okla. teens charged in thrill kill of Aussie baseball player

Two of the boys again were 16 years old. The three were bored with nothing to do, so they decided to shoot someone for fun.  To make the horror worse, one of these young men posed on Facebook with a picture of himself and guns.
There have been way too many of these crimes lately, too many to write about all of them. When will we learn to accept all living beings as equal? When will we quit judging or being afraid of those that are different?
How about one more that thankfully didn’t happen; here’s the headline from USA Today:

‘Sovereign citizens’ held in plot to kill Vegas cops

 LAS VEGAS (AP) — A couple spent hundreds of hours over four months
plotting to abduct, torture and kill Las Vegas police officers as a way
to attract attention to their anti-authority “sovereign citizens”
movement, police said.
These valiant men and women put their lives on the line to fight crime for us. How sick is this plot? Thankfully, no police officer was harmed. Thankfully, no innocent was harmed. The woman planning this was 67 years old! You would think at her age she’d have seen enough violence and hate in her lifetime already.
Yes, I admit I’m from the 60’s, the love generation of hippies, but there was more than enough violence back then.
What about good in the world? Absolutely! Here’s one of my favorite hero stories this year. Here’s the headline from The Huffington Post:

Charles Ramsey, Ohio Man, Helped Free 3 Women Held Captive For A Decade

Ekhart Tolle in ‘A New Earth’ stated:

Beware of making it your mission to “eradicate evil,” as you are likely to turn into the very thing you are fighting against.

He also said:
To love is to recognize yourself in another.

Deepak Chopra once stated in ‘The Return of Merlin’:

Those we love and those we hate are both mirrors of ourselves.

and from ‘The Way of the Wizard’ Deepak also stated:

To the extent you know love, you become love.

When President Obama first took office, he asked us to serve, to get involved. Many have done this, but what is more important is for us to accept all as equals, to not harm one another. Isn’t this the greatest and most important of all service?

Tweets have been asking why our president isn’t speaking on this latest issue of violence. I agree. President Obama, you stand as the model for all Americans. What are your words on the growing violence of hate crimes in our nation?

Let there be peace on Earth:

I’d Like to Teach the Earth to Sing: (thank you Coca Cola)

We are all children of the Great Creator of our Universe. We come here innocent and filled with love. So, my friends, it begins in the home where we learn to love one another and accept one another. We mustn’t forget the influence of the world on our families. Combat evil and violence with love. We must all remember who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going.

I was motivated to write ‘Always’ for this reason. I believe we are truly children of the Great Creator, that that Home is established on love and love only.

and that’s why I wrote this poem in my ‘Stepping Stones to Love Honor and Respect’:






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A Single

A single
red rose was sent to me,
a token
of lasting love decreed.
This delicate
heavenly gem fair,
did with
its scent permeate my air.
marvel from God Above,
in vivid
hues awarded thereof.
A symbol
of softness when caressed;
a statement
of forever if pressed.
That multi-petalled
flower blended
its numerous facets splendid.
Each aspect
represented one part.
melded, a work of art.
I viewed
God’s rosebud to me descend,
and riding
the wind it did not bend.
‘Twas a
new birth that fell gracefully,
and it
would live for eternity.
watched it gingerly open up,
‘til it bowed
perfectly as a cup.
frail this old soul became,
and soon
it returned from whence it came.
noticed then the difference in kind,
stately poised many, combined
array of dyes, sizes, and shapes—
some weak,
others strong, a few with breaks).

unison together they stood,
vast imbued
hues in one neighborhood.
As I
gazed upon them, in surprise,
they depicted
mortals, I surmised.
our protected Home above,
and gentle, we arrive in love.
As roses
blossom, our selves mature,
we enter
our earth fragile and pure.
And thus
we emotionally grow,
and from
each to each, our feelings flow.
As our
years progress, we meet and greet
our dear
family from Heaven’s seat.
taught our morals and to belong.
We despise
those who don’t sing our song.
prejudices have begun
that separate
us from being one.
We work,
we toil, and we enslave
our bitterest
thoughts straight to our graves.
Wait! Look
what that blooming rose contains—
shines and sparkles, but has no stains.
We are
like florets, do you this see?
colors are personalities.
We all
from budding ‘til death do strive
until immortality
Our finite
shells do shrivel away,
our time
spent on earth is but one day.
then—with our old and new-found friends,
towards our
glorious Home we do wend.

Heaven’s gates we have returned.
We bring
with us the lessons we’ve learned.
no longer matter, for we,
live an eternity.
shames and blemishes are removed,
we display
our valor each has proved.
Our gracious
Father awaits us there.
We hurry
to loving arms that care.
We dwell
in peace on the Other Side.
Our rest
in God’s space we do abide.
chances we’ll have to make our fate.
love, it’s never too late.
Let there be peace on Earth and let us all be a part of that peace.
Love, Honor, and Respect to all.

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