Earning Extras Online

As an author/poet I can tell you it’s not a get rich quick profession, and most authors don’t make a lot of money. We do it because we love writing and we have a passion to get our stories and poetry out to the world.


I’ve searched the internet for different ways to earn and I decided to do a post on these.



One of the easiest is Ebates.com  http://www.ebates.comrf.do?referrerid=mLYV03er9WisTKqTRLaPNw%3D%3D This one is just too simple. Basically you register on this site. Then before you purchase products online you go to Ebates, select your store, it will transfer you to the site, you shop, and you earn a percentage back on what you spend.


It’s that easy. I love this site. Who wouldn’t want a reward for shopping? The link above is a referral link. In other words, I’m telling you about Ebates and they’ll know I did. I want them to know just how much I love this program.


Once you sign up, if you immediately go online and purchase something, you’ll get a coupon for $10. Nice deal. Do it. The %age adds up quickly if you’re like me and shop online alot.


Notice that I’ve added their button too. You can click on that anytime.

Coca-cola Rewards

I’ve used this site for years: My Coke Rewards.com Basically, inside the cartons or under bottle caps of Coke products are codes. Codes are worth certain points. Bottle caps, for instance are worth 3points each. A 12-pack of their soda is worth 10 points. Now, you don’t get paid cash for these, but you can use the points for products or gift cards. I’ve spent my points on several things:  a cell phone holder, a mini vacuum, a steamer, I’ve paid for my pogo addiction, and I’ve gotten 1 year magazine subscriptions. They also have sweepstakes. Check this site out and look at their rewards catalog.


This is another site I love, although earning Swagbucks takes a lot longer than earning Coke Rewards. Swagbucks  However, with Swagbucks, you can save to get amazon or paypal gift cards besides other rewards. Here, you earn swagbucks by taking a daily poll, completing surveys, watching videos, purchasing products at a savings or special offer, downloading games, or other fun activities. Some of you will be receiving an invite or an email. If you’re interested in doing Swagbucks and you haven’t received any invite from me, please let me know.


One of my favorite things about Swagbucks is that you can set a wishlist, so it helps you achieve your goal.


I’ve tried other sites, but haven’t had anywhere near the results of these three. If any of you have a fav site where you can earn prizes or giftcards, let us know.


LHR my friends.



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