Fragments From the Last Month

Happy November, everyone.

Utah in autumn:

It has been awhile, hasn’t it? So for this blog, I’ll catch up in short fragments.



As I’ve mentioned before, I have CFIDs (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome). It was my un-luck that one month ago I was one of the first few in Utah to be hit with the flu. Thanks to CFIDs, it lasted 4 lovely confining weeks.


Flus are dangerous, so follow your doctor’s orders, drink plenty of liquids, get lots of rest, and treat your symptoms. If you find it getting worse, go back to your doctor. Remember, the flu can be deadly, so take it seriously.


What I have accomplished and things for you to know about.


First of all, let’s give a cheer to Amazon and Createspace.

Amazon and Createspace have announced that the Extended Sources is now free! If you’re an author and a poet, hurry over and add your books.






YAY! to a wonderful source that’s free:  This is a great platform for authors. You make bubbles of your works (here’s an example of mine)


The bubbles are quick and simple to make, but the best part is once you’ve done your bubbles, Bubblish tweets about them on Twitter. You can also find Bubblish on G+


Mark, best get Emily going on this!


YAY! To Microsoft’s Paint. It’s free and very basic, but thanks to tutorials I’ve been getting a lot of illustrations done using it. I’ve struggled  with Gimp. It’s a great software, but too far above my ability. Plus Paint has an eraser. Believe me, it’s my favorite tool.


NAY! To Printmaster v6 Platinum. I begged my husband for this because it touts ‘for personal and professional use’, thousands of ‘royalty free’ clipart. DON’T BUY THIS SOFTWARE! First of all, just try and find the ‘royalty free’ clip art. Secondly, it cannot be used for commercial use. So then, what is professional in their eyes? You must ask for permission. I did. Haven’t heard back. And where the heck is the eraser?


YAY! to – all FREE, royalty free, free domain pics and clip art.


YAY! to: pics and clip art royalty free.


NAY! to Microsoft and Apple for their nasty little agreement. They want to do away with Google’s Android (which everyone loves, including me) so they made a company together and bought out Nortel which serviced Google’s Androids. Now they’re taking Google to court, claiming unauthorized use of their patents. Their hope? To either win or tie Google up in court to stop Android. Yeah, let’s not advance, let’s not compete and invent something better. Let’s just stop progress.


YAY! To Hubspot for publishing this.


YAY! to Google for their partnership program where authors can now add (for free) their books to Google Books and Google Play.


BOO! to Google for the complicated, difficult and un-understandable instructions for authors trying to get their books on Google Books and Google Play. Come on, guys, let’s make it a tad easier.


YAY! to Google for allowing our G+ page to be a free cost domain. Here’s mine: Please click on this link and follow me. If you have a page, let me know and I’m happy to follow you too.


Books I’ve read.


‘Penniless Hearts’ by Eve Gaal. Loved it. Wonderful trip to Hawaii and sweet romance tale. 5 stars definitely:


‘Old Geezers’ by Roger Lawrence. And I thought I loved ‘Three Hoodies’, ‘A Little Twist’ and ‘Kongomato’. This is one of the most entertaining sci-fi fantasy books I’ve read in a long, long time.  I cannot wait for the 2nd book.


YAY! to for the best word games. If you’re an author, poet, blogger, entrepreneur, hone up on your words while enjoying yourself. You’ll often find me in Boggle Bash.


What about me?



I’m currently getting two books ready for publication. One is a Children’s Christmas Rhyme Book with illustrations (so now you know why I’m learning Paint) and the other is the 1st sequel to ‘Always’. ‘The Lone Hero’ is currently out to Beta Readers and will then be published.


The children’s book will soon be out to Beta Readers and hopefully published before Christmas. This book has been 6 years in the making, proving that authors and poets don’t often zap their works out to the public.


That’s what I’ve been up to. I apologize for my lengthy absence, and I will be catching up on your blog posts soon.


LHR my dear friends.




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