Believing in Yourself The Bee Gees

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” The Red Queen

Believing in yourself takes a great deal of inner strength. It can be a difficult road if those around you don’t believe you’re capable enough to accomplish your dreams.


Today I want to talk about a group of men who started at a very young age to pursue their dreams – The Bee Gees: Barry, Robin, and Maurice.

I’d be surprised if any of you had never heard of them or heard any of their songs.

The Bee Gees were born on the Isle of Man and then in the late 1950’s their family moved to  Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia. It was there that they began their musical career in 1958.

Now, by then, I was writing my first stories and poetry, but never considered the future nor did I make any attempts towards a career in writing. Yes, the stories and poetry possessed me, but at that young age I wasn’t thinking about anything except schoolwork and playtime.

However, the Bee Gees were. Let’s take a stroll into the past to one of their early performances in 1968.

How cute is this? Their talent was remarkable even then, and their personalities really shone.

They continued on with their career through those early years. That had to be hard work, but you see, that’s the key, isn’t it? They never gave up. Oh, I’m sure there were times one or more of them were discouraged or wanted to walk away, but they persevered. Their first hit back then was ‘Spicks and Specks’

Did you know Bee Gees was named after Barry Gibbs’ initials? BG – Bee Gees

From 1968 on, their success grew. They wrote their own songs and had several hits, including “Words”, “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You” and “I Started a Joke”.

In 1968 Robin suffered from a nervous breakdown. In 1969, he chose to go his own way. In Dec of 1969 Barry and Maurice parted. In 1970 they all reunited, but by 1973 they were stuck, not going anywhere with their career.

In 1975 the three brothers moved to Miami and turned to disco music. Among that genre they recorded “Jive Talking”. They were climbing the ladder of success again.

In 1977 they signed to do the music for Saturday Night Fever, and we all know where that led them. Through the 1980’s their fame rose and fell. As we all know, fandom is quite fickle and persnickity.

Yet they persevered through the 90’s gaining very loyal fans around the world. People don’t forget entertainers who love them or music that never fades away.

In 2003 Maurice died suddenly from a heart attack. Barry and Robin continued to work independently.  In 2009 Barry and Robin reunited for a tour and both confirmed that a movie on their lives would be in the works.

In 2011 Robin was diagnosed with liver cancer. He died in May 2012. In Sep and Oct of 2013 Barry performed his first solo tour in honor of his brothers and their lifetime of music.

Their list of successful hits is way too long for me to put here.

In order to succeed as they did, they had to believe in themselves, each other, and their music.

The creative process is never easy, no matter what field it’s in. It is your heart, your soul, and your mind working as one to produce that finished product. Yet, this is where many drop out because the next step is even harder – baring your soul to the world and to critics, and surviving the negativity by still believing in yourself.

The Bee Gees did this and look what they gave to the world.

In case they look at you funny when you tell them of your loftiest dreams and goals, all you have to do is turn your head sideways, raise an eyebrow, and slowly say “I…have…connections…”  Mike Dooley, TUT, The Universe

There were just too many of their songs to choose from, but here is their all-time #2 best seller:

May we all work as hard as the Bee Gees, loving our works and believing in ourselves and our creations and never, ever giving up no matter how many bumps in the road. Remember, it’s how high you bounce back after every fall.

LHR my friends. Believe in yourself and dream above the clouds. I do and I believe in you.



One thought on “Believing in Yourself The Bee Gees

  1. Hi, there were the documentary “in our own time” and the Mythology boxset in 2009, but no tour. Barry’s solo tours are February (Australia) and September (uk) 2013. Robin died of colorectal cancer (successful chemo but complicated by twisted intestine maurice also had, then succumbed to kidney failure) not liver.

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