Children’s Book Gingerbrea Castle Free Through the Holidays

Hello my friends.

First of all, the Rafflecopter I set up was incorrect. I’ve fixed the problem now so if you still want to enter to win a free e-book, please go to my last blog and enter.


Announcing my first children’s book, Gingerbread Castle. This is a holiday illustrated rhyme book written by me for ages 6 through 8-years-old, and it’s FREE in e-book format from Smashwords until Jan 10 2014. Just click on this link: Smashwords  Smashwords has formats for most e-readers. I also tried to put it free on Amazon, but no luck. However, Smashwords does have the format for Kindles too so you can download it from there.


Gingerbread Castle is a short story about traveling to a mystical place located in Dreamland with lots of fun activities and treats to eat.


I want to thank OneMommy and her two children for critiquing the story and for their suggestions. OneMommy found some grammar errors too, which I so appreciate.


I also want to thank Ms. Peterson’s Fifth Grade Class for reviewing this book. Children love to help and their suggestions and ideas helped to make this book possible. I was astounded at their insights and ideas.


Here are just a couple pages from this fun book:




Far from here where it glimmers and glows
from glistening ice, where cool winds do blow,
There’s a land that’s colder than cold.
Its trees are draped in red and gold.







The reindeer happily pull the sleigh,
jingling, jingling with a neigh.
Jimmy sings songs that you’ve been taught,
bouncing along as the reindeers trot.




You’ve been to two rooms; there’s three rooms of fun.
The Reading Room is the very last one.
Listen quietly and sit down,
or Ms. Owl will sport her favorite frown.


She’ll read a few books, so lay back and rest.
No need to fret. There’s never a test.
Is there a story you want her to tell?
Ms. Owl will know all the details.








The train arrives at its usual stop,
inside a spiral at the tip top.
When you get off, hop on the slide.
I’ll bet you’ll think it’s the best of rides.


Again, OneMommy and Stephanie, I thank you and the children for the invaluable help with this book.


Get it while it’s free from Smashwords. It will soon be available on GooglePlay also. If you do get any of my books and read them, please leave a review. It does help authors.


LHR my friends and remember, let’s all help each other in any way we can.


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