A Hidden Gift Discovered

It was the week before Christmas. All the presents had been placed around the tree. Two weeks before, I’d hidden the dogs’ Christmas toys thinking that this year they’d never find them.

You see, in past years Patch had figured out where they were hidden. He’s just one of those dogs who knows he’s getting a new toy at Christmas.

This year, I’d set the two toys on the lowest branches. Sourrounded by colorful packages, they couldn’t be seen.

As I said, it was the week before Christmas. My son James, my daughter-in-law Ange, and I were sitting at the table in front of the tree in the evening playing Yahtzee. Patch got bored watching us play and he hopped up on to one of the chairs and just stared at all the blinking lights and ornaments. Off and on, one of us would say, “Patch, get down.” He just ignored us. Sometimes he’d push his nose against an ornament to smell it.

Well, this went on for awhile with him just fascinated with the tree when something caught his eye. With a strange look on his face, he glanced down. He brought his gaze back up to the tree but turned his head in the way dogs can do. He looked down again. His face got that look that said “Could it be?”

He tried sniffing the object but the chair was too high. Now, we’d quit playing and all attention was on him. He tried to reach down with his mouth. Again, he was up too high. He jumped off the chair and tried to get to it without disturbing the presents. That didn’t work so he jumped on to the chair again and slowly reached his paw down and gently pushed the object. It fell off and rolled away from the presents.

He was so happy. He’d found his Christmas toy. How it caught his eye and why he saw it differently than an ornament was something I can’t figure out. What were the chances? Did I let him keep it? Of course. After all, he’s a dog and dates mean nothing to him. We gave Dodger his toy too.

Does Patch like his new toy? Well, I think the next picture answers that question. Here he is, our darling poodle patch snuggling next to me the other night on our bed.






Yes, animals have feelings and they love unconditionally. We are so very grateful for this special dog. This pic brought tears to my eyes. Yes, he loves his newest toy.


Love Honor and Respect to all.


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