Spotlight on Ronald W. Hull Author and Poet

It’s been awhile since I spotlighted people that I think everyone should get to know.

Today’s spotlight is on a very talented poet and author, Ronald W. Hull.

I met Ron when I first joined Authors Den  Authors Den is one of those sites for authors and poets. It’s a  user friendly place and everyone I met there is very nice, especially Ron.

You all know how I like to read about and study twins (since I am one myself). Well, Ron is a twin, but he’s so much more than that.

This man can write and write well. He currently has 7 published works. Here’s his amazon page: Works by Ronald W Hull I encourage you to visit and check over his books.

His latest book, Hanging by a Thread is his own autobiography. I give him a lot of credit for writing this. How many of us could write our autobiographies? I know I’m not ready for that. I copied what the book is about from his Authors Den page Hanging by a Thread (I hope this is alright, Ron):

The story of Ron Hull, paralyzed in a surgical accident back in the dreaded polio epidemic days, was able to overcome most of the stigma and stereotypes and “pass for normal” for 30 years. As Ron’s paralysis increased gradually through the next 20 years, Ron relied on “just in time” technology to enable him to continue to lead ann ever more dependent life independently on his own terms.

He has an excerpt on his page from his book and it’s well worth the read. This man has lived quite an interesting and challenging life.

His poetry is exceptional, so when you visit his Authors Den home page be sure and check out some of his poems too.

Drop by his other site: Ron Hull Author

Once you’ve gotten to know him, I know you’ll want him to be your friend too.

Let’s remember to support each other. Today I ask that you share this on as many sites as you can to give a boost to Ron’s sales.

He is truly a man I’m honored to know.

LHR, my friends (Love, Honor, and Respect – always)



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