How to Use Pinterest

I’m a huge lover of Pinterest, like many others that are on the site so it surprises me when I meet online people who don’t use Pinterest or can’t figure it out.



Pinterest is like a big board that hangs on your wall and you divide it into categories: family vacations, places I want to visit, cooking ideas, crafts, books I want to read, humor, etc. There’s no end to the categories you can make. After all, it is your wall. Once you have your categories (which Pinterest calls your boards) then you can pin pictures on the boards. Better yet, you have a group of friends and you get together and share your pictures so maybe Susie down the street likes trees and you find some of her tree pics that you want on your wall, so you copy them and pin them on your wall.



That’s the simple part of Pinterest. Let’s get into the details. Your first step is to join Pinterest and set up your account. Just follow the instructions for setting up your profile.


HINT: Be sure to put some description in the block and your picture. People are more apt to follow you if you describe yourself or why you’re on pinterest. Also add your website/blog address and be sure to verify it.


Once you’ve done this, you have your own address. Here’s mine: If you go to mine, you’ll see I currently have 79 boards covering all sorts of topics. If you want to know what a person is about, just look at their boards.


Hint: When you join Pinterest be sure to look me up!


You can also start a group board or often you’ll be invited to join a group board where people of like interests can pin on the same board. I belong to many groups. You can tell a group board from individual boards. A group board has a small corner image of 3 people.


You’ve set up your profile, described yourself, added a picture, and added any website/blog you have. Now comes the fun part.

DM Yates


I am a person who dreams above the clouds. I am all about creativity; writing, poetry, baking, crafts. I support the mantra ‘Believe in Yourself’


Click on your name on the top right side. Click on ‘Your Profile and Pins’. It will bring up ‘boards’. Click on ‘Add a Board’. Give your board a name, for instance, Fav Recipes. It will let you choose a description for your board. Make as many boards as you want. You can always add more boards anytime.





You have a board called Fav Recipes and you want to pin from your home computer so click on ‘add a pin’ and it gives you three choices: Web, Your Computer, or Pinterest. Simple enough. Click on Your Computer and it will bring up your pictures. Click on the pic you want and it’s added to your board. Your pic will now show on the home page of Pinterest so people can repin if they want.


I rarely use Web or Pinterest options because it’s easier to use the pinterest buttons on websites or just pin from Pinterest.Most websites have a Pin It button. Many also have a ‘Pinterest Follow’ button. Just click on the ‘Pin It’ button. Next, choose the board you want the pin on.


What if the website doesn’t have a Pin It Button? My darling DIL taught me how to do this. You just bookmark. On Pinterest, once logged in (setting up an account is free and easy) click on the Plus sign to the left of your username.



Click the button that says:


The Pin It button is the easiest way to pin things from around the web.


And you can click ‘Install Now’ which will put a small Pin It button on your browser’s task bar and or click:


Looking for the Pinterest Bookmarklet?

And drag the button into your bookmark folder. Both allow you to pin from almost any site easily. 


And there you are. Three simple steps to pinning. Now, when you go to Pinterest and log in you are on the home page with tons of fun pins. To repin a pin just hold your mouse on the picture and you’ll see three options at the top of the picture: Pin It, Send, and a heart. Pin it is obvious. Pinterest will take you to a list of your boards and you choose the board you want the pin on.


OH NO! You pinned it on the wrong board. No Worries. You can edit or delete any pin, so just repin the pin on the right board and delete it from the wrong board.


‘Send’ means you want a friend to see the pin so it will email that friend, and a heart means you like the pin.


Hint: When you hover on a pic your mouse arrow turns into a magnifying glass. Click and you’ll get the picture in larger version, but this is also where you can comment on the picture if you want.


Finally, let’s say you are interested in Hummel Figurines and you want to repin from Pinterest. On the top left of the main Pinterest page is a search box. Just type in Hummel Figurines. I guarantee someone has pinned them. You can also find a person or business in the same block. Put in the name and hit search. 


Right now, Pinterest has developed into a marketing site so if you want more attention for your blog or products become a member of Pinterest.


Hint: Don’t just join Pinterest to advertise your product. You won’t get many followers. Show people what you’re interested in. People want to get to know you.


Whew. Finally, let’s have some fun. Stumble Upon is one of my fav sites and today they had ’25 Pinterest Ideas That Went Horribly Wrong.’ These are pics from Pinterest and pics from people who tried to copy the ideas. Enjoy a good laugh:


I hope this helps many of you. Keep in mind that Pinterest can be addictive (as evidenced by my many boards and pins).


LHR (love honor and respect) my friends.


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