All You Need is Love

It’s true, isn’t it? All we all need is love. To be loved, to feel loved, to have love.

Love starts when you can open your heart to love yourself without judgement, with patinence, when you can accept you as being perfect just the way you are. When you can do that, an amzaing thing happens.

Your heart, your soul, and your mind opens to the gifts from the great Universe and you learn to love others equally. That’s a tough thing to do in our world with all its horrors and negativity, but you can be a shining beacon of love in this world. It all starts with you.

One of my favorite stories is about Julia Ward Howe, author of ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic.’

It is said that she expressed concern to a senator about someone who needed help. The senator said, “Julia, I’ve become so busy that I can no longer concern myself with individuals.” Julia responded, “That’s remarkable. Even God hasn’t reached that stage yet.”

Many of us feel there’s something missing in our lives. Yes, we love our spouses, our partners, our families, our friends, and our pets; yet something is missing.

I believe in eternal love. I believe that the Other Side is run totally on a love so deep, so binding that we can’t fathom it here on Earth. Within this love is no judgement, no negativity, and that’s where, I believe, our eternal partners are. For some of us on our journey at this time we’re together again, for others the partner, the twin waits for our return and loves us yet and always will.

That’s why in my novels I show the Other Side with eternal friends and partners. Our journeys here are for lessons to learn, to gain strengths, and the time here is really short compared to an eternity, but we must learn to love those we’re with, to love all species, all living things, and that starts by loving ourselves.

Those of you who’ve read ‘Always’ have seen the love between Einarr and Katura, but what of their friends? Does Paulos who is called Dixon in ‘Always’ have an eternal love? Is it Jesse, whose eternal name is Mina? What about Dixie who choose poorly in her mate in ‘Always’?

If you read ‘The Lone Hero’, you met some new characters in Einarr’s life. One of those is Atomo, a young man who believes in succeeding, who is a gifted warrior like Einarr but is forever trying to be better than Einarr. Once they return from Aberforth back to the Other Side, Atomo develops eternal love but his love isn’t so quickly realized. Here’s part of a scene from my soon-to-be-published 3rd book in the series, ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame.’ This scene takes place on the Other Side:


Finally, the three men sat on the ground in the Jasmine Gardens where Katura combed her fingers through Jenniere’s wavy red hair.

“I feel like I still have those obnoxious Tsii-fyres in my hair,” explained Jenniere.

Paulos plopped next to her, running his hands through her hair and teased, “Here’s one. Here’s another. Here’s a cluster of them.” They both laughed as she smacked him.

Atomo smiled briefly before he walked away, but Einarr caught up with him.

“It is as I expected. You care for Jenniere.”

Atomo said nothing.

“They’re twins, there’s nothing between them in a romantic way. They plan on being twins on Earth someday too. They’re inseparable, however, she still hasn’t met her eternal mate.” explained Einarr.

“They’re not lovers?”

“No. Approach her.”

“I’m not you, Einarr.”

“Will you not tell her how you feel?”

“Her personality is strong. I’ve tried, but she rejects such feelings. I have a plan though.” Atomo explained to Einarr what he was thinking for the future.

Einarr grinned. “It will work.” He called for Jenniere. When she arrived he explained, “Atomo needs a mate with strength of character for a future Earth life.”

Jenniere studied Atomo. Einarr continued. “I think you would be perfect, if you’re up to the challenge. Will you contract with him for that mission?”

“Yes.” With that, Jenniere walked away.

Atomo nodded to Einarr and shining lustrously, left for his home group.

In a future novel, set in the 1940’s, Atomo and Jenniere will have their chance to accept love.

I think that as Atomo watches Jenniere and thinks that she belongs to Paulos, his emotions are much like ‘You Don’t Know Me,’ song by Elvis Presley:

As for Paulos and Mina, well, you’ll just have to wait and see if they’ll end up eternal lovers.

Don’t be afraid to love those who surround you now. Say those magic words to them. Forgive and forget.

If you haven’t read my latest novel ‘The Lone Hero’ give it a try. In it, Einarr learns love, love of a man for a woman, love for his wife and children, and a binding love to dragons. Unusual story, again emphasizing that what we love here, we’ll bind with us to the Other Side. By the way, in ‘The Lone Hero’ I show how Einarr and Katura become eternal lovers.

Can you love a dragon? Well, if they were real in our world, why not? We do love our pets. I can’t help but show you this cute, cute video about the man who trained Chopper, the dog in Pirates of the Caribbean. Sadly, it doesn’t allow sharing so just follow the link. The video is only 1min long and you’ll love it.

Remember the great words from Alfred Lord Tennyson: It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before.

Love, Honor, and Respect.





2 thoughts on “All You Need is Love

  1. Yes you can have true love, but the best love is when you can love yourself for who you are. You then can share that love without boundaries, and wrap yourself in it’s loving blanket. :o)

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