Google Search or Bing

Google Search or Bing

Which search engine do you use?

A search engine is defined as:  a program for the retrieval of data from a database or network, esp. the Internet.

According to eBiz, Google has an estimated 1,100,000,000 unique visitors a month. Bing has 300,000,000 unique visitors a month.

Without a doubt I do the majority of my internet searches from Google. I find it’s far more efficient and gives me more choices. Right now, Google is used more often than Bing and google users like myself have no reason to switch.

Bing has made many attempts to surpass Google and as yet hasn’t succeeded. Their request for you to try Bing? Yes, some have tried, but realize this. Everytime you ‘try’ Bing, it counts in the overall picture of which is more popular – Google or Bing. I see this as an underhanded ad attempt by Microsoft to get more more searches than Google by ‘asking’ you to compare.

Same thing with the ads that show the now happy people who tried Bing and won’t go back to Google. I’m not saying this ad is not truthful. However, I remember a few years ago when a famous company set up at a local mall and offered people to try two concealed products. Before the cameras rolled, they told everyone that if they selected this company’s brand they’d get a prize, even indicating which concealed product to choose. So of course, now, when I see any commercial like this, I can’t help but wonder if the choosers are enticed by a free gift. I’m not saying that Microsoft is doing this, I’m just saying I’m skeptical.

I love Google searches. So, is there something Microsoft can offer me that would make me search on Bing daily?

I bet you were expecting me to say absolutely not.

No, I caved. Microsoft offers ‘points’ towards gift cards when you sign in/up and search Bing. The best part is, when you hit 500 points, Microsoft will gift you to Swagbucks if you belong to Swagbucks like I do.

Do you remember me talking about Swagbucks before? It’s a site where you answer polls, buy products, watch videos, take surveys, etc and earn points towards a variety of gift cards including Paypal and Amazon.

This offer from Bing was too tempting. They hooked me easily. I now sign in to msn daily and do a variety of searches on Bing to earn those tempting points.

If you want to earn points with Bing, sign in/up and start searching. However, if you let me recommend you, I’ll get extra points for doing that so please let me recommend you.

As for Swagbucks, I can recommend you there too or you can sign up and let them know I told you about them.

Both these programs are virtually free and you get rewarded. That doesn’t happen often these days.

What about Google?

The majority of my searches are still on Google, way too efficient for me to use another source. Besides, I’ve found Google to be user friendly all the time.

Knowing me, then you know I sent a suggestion to Google to offer points too. I don’t think they will. After all they’re still number 1 in choice of use.

What about Yahoo? My experiences with yahoo have not been good. I’ve found more viruses transmitted through Yahoo than through Bing or Google. Plus, yahoo is forever sending me ‘adult’ notifications. No thank you.

In  conclusion, I still prefer Google searches, but I do use Bing daily to earn points, and I won’t go near Yahoo.

Why don’t you start earning points today? Check Bing’s program out, and let me recommend you.

How Bing Points Work

How Swagbucks Points Work

LHR, my friends.


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