Willies Roadhouse Siriusxm

A few weeks ago I asked my husband to take me on a trip somewhere. After the tough winter I just needed someplace to relax in warmer weather. And he did. He took me farther south to Arizona into the desert climate that I love so much.


Utah is a long state to travel going north to south on Interstate 15. From my city to Mesquite Nevada (which is just after the Utah boundary) it’s 330 miles and takes just over 4 hrs by car. As you pass central Utah you begin going up and down mountains and through gorges and you lose your radio stations.


My husband has siriusxm so we switched to that and we found Willies Roadhouse. Now, this is a station that plays the older country music and right away, we could relate to it from our youths through our early years. I heard songs that I haven’t heard in ages.


We kept it on that station for the entire trip and we still have it on and I’m still enjoying it. Who wouldn’t, listening to Patsy Cline, Hank Williams,  and Johnny Cash among the many other greats?

You know, these greats had to believe in themselves to succeed, so believe in yourself and you’ll succeed too.


Those older country music songs were quite something, and country music had and has some of the best singers worldwide.


There’ll be more on our trip later, but I have to say I’ve rated this station at 5 stars and now follow their Facebook and twitter pages.






Kudos to you, Willies Roadhouse for your fun radio station.


Everyone, dance!




LHR my friends


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