Police Officer Shoots and Kills Pet Dog in Salt Lake City Utah

Every one of us has causes that we support because they mean so much to us.

One of mine, as many of you know is abuse and mistreatment of any living thing. I’m especially concerned for those who can’t speak for themselves: the elderly, the children/infants, and Mother Earth’s children and so I’m going to tell you of an event that has left me feeling extremely sad.

Wednesday in a Salt Lake City neighborhood parents couldn’t find their 3-yr-old toddler and called the police. Two hours later the child was discovered hiding in his own home.

Meanwhile, one of the police officers went to a neighbor’s house and supposedly knocked on the door but no one was home. I say ‘supposedly’ because the first news article to report it said he went straight into the backyard.

In his dog house in his backyard was a 2-yr-old Weimaraner dog was resting. Now, I don’t know how your dogs are in your backyard but generally if a stranger enters their protective territory, dogs will react usually with barking and growling and nervousness. This breed is a little different. Although rather large and muscled they are a loving, attentive breed.


According to the police officer he felt threatened by the dog and discharged two shots, one hit this poor animal in the head and he died instantly.

Utahns are in an uproar, I among them. This has happened way too often across our country. The law says we must keep our pets in a fenced backyard. The owner was complying with the law, yet the officer shot and killed his pet. 

Pets are no longer dumb animals to us. They are family members and we love them. The owner is devastated. In videos it’s easy to see how much the dog and its owner loved each other.


The Salt Lake Police Dept’s Internal Review is looking into the officer who shot the dog and has contacted the Humane Society to discuss better methods of handling people’s pets in the future. In the meantime online news reports have been flooded with comments, the police dept’s phone line has received an abundance of outraged calls as has the local Humane Society. There’s also a rally planned for Sat Jun 28 in front of the Police Dept. https://www.facebook.com/events/250253015181626/

When will we, as a society, learn that guns don’t have to be the first line of defense? I’m all for freedom, and that includes gun ownership, but let’s be sensible about using them.

I ask for your support by liking Justice for Geist on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeforGeist and support against police shooting our pets, Dogs Shot by Police:


 Let’s also realize that we’re not the only species on our planet, that we share our Earth with so many other living things, and that we should have the deepest respect for all living beings whether it be animals, water, plants, trees – these things live. 

The destruction of our planet is done by humans. Not trees, not wildlife, not even Mother Nature, but humans. I’ve read many articles lately that Mother Nature has had enough and is now fighting back and she’s a force that is beyond our ability to fight against.

 Yes, I’m from the 60s and have a hippie attitude, but I do believe in the importance of law enforcement and a strong military. However, let’s use these resources intelligently.

 My heart goes out to the owner and the suffering and loss he’s feeling these days. As many of you know, I lost one of my dogs to cancer last year, and there are times that I still miss my little sweetheart daily. They do leave an empty spot in our homes. That being said, a Weinaraner has offered one puppy from his last litter to this owner. Kindness and generosity. It helps to heal doesn’t it?

Besides all this, may I send my gratitude to the Salt Lake Police Dept for their desire to improve how their officers deal with this situation. I’m also offering my support and sympathy to the officer trained to make quick decisions in what he must determine to be life threatening situations or not. For some reason (none of us were there so we shouldn’t really judge his action) he felt the need to defend himself. Sadly, it led to a loss of life. What would any of us had done in that same situation?

 Love one another, respect and love all, and honor all. Love, honor, and respect. And all will do the same to you. We can make this a better world by our thoughts and actions. Hug your loved ones everyday including your pets and tell them that you love them. Change happens in a blink of an eye.

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 LHR (love, honor, and respect)



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