I didn’t want to but needs must.

woo hoo – one of my favorite author’s book is free. I’ve read it and it’s a fun read.

Three Hoodies Save the World

Given my recent sales of this particular book, or lack thereof, I’ve made Three Hoodies Save the world free on Smashwords. Hopefully it will get me some sales for numbers two, and three (which isn’t even published yet. I suspect that giving away books, upon which we’ve slaved for months, for free devalues all Ebooks, yet I see no other option than spending and possibly wasting a lot of money on sites offering/promising incredible results. I don’t have that kind of money, and even if I did I’m not sure I’d spend it like that.

Amazon is going to be a different proposition. Given their $0.99 minimum I’m hoping their price-match will catch the B/N, Nook etc price courtesy of S/W and drop their price to match. Only time will tell. Just to be polite I’ve told them what I’ve done. Whether they’ll answer or not remains to be seen.

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