Johnson and Johnson Raid for Wasps and Hornets

Ahh, summer. Swimming, picnics, outdoor games, hiking, the hot sun beating down. Those lazy, crazy days of summer.

What we don’t need is uninvited guests.

Yep. Those nasty aggressive wasps. Last year and this year, we’ve had a heck of a time with these pests but we found a product that works great for killing them instantly and you don’t even have to get close to them. It even kills the ones in the nest.

Johnson and Johnson Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer Spray. This product shoots a stream that can reach 22 feet so you don’t have to get close to them. That’s the part I love. I’m not real brave around wasps. The tiny mean bullies can chase me away easily, but not anymore. This product is available almost anywhere including Lowes, Amazon, and Walmart and it’s not very expensive.

Wasps tend to get quite aggressive and they seem to multiply overnight so I thought we should get to know these invaders a little better.

First of all, wasps are essential to our Earth. They prey on nearly most other insects so of course we don’t want to eliminate them completely. 

There are 30,000 different types of wasps. Did you know there are even ground wasps? I found this out one year when I made the mistake of stepping on one. Be sure to always wear shoes. I know. It’s tempting to walk through grass in your bare feet but once you’ve been stung on the bottom of your foot, well, you’ll wear shoes after that-guaranteed.

Many types of wasps don’t sting. The sweet little wasp above does so don’t take a guess on whether it’s a stinging wasp or not. Stay away from it.

Wasps build nests using all sorts of material. Here’s a picture of an old paper nest we found in our garden area. It was a full hand size. It’s a little hard to see. It’s hanging on the bottom of the fence and looks the color of the dirt around it.

There are two main types: social and solitary. A social wasp will emit a pheromone when it encounters an animal or human and all the other wasps in its group will go into a frenzied attack mode.


If you think you’ve destroyed the colony but you leave the nest, keep in mind wasps will rebuild using old nests and those nest can get quite large.

Enjoy your summer, pick up some of this great product or at least get a wasp trap, destroy the nests while they’re small, and don’t provoke any stinging insect. Some people DO have serious reactions to stings.


LHR my friends and enjoy summer while it’s still here.


4 thoughts on “Johnson and Johnson Raid for Wasps and Hornets

  1. I haven’t seen a wasp this year – it’s been too cold. Plenty of bees, though, although they aren’t usually too much of a problem. Except the large ones we call bumble bees, they’re too busy bumping into thing to do much damage to anyone but themselves.

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