Cover Artist WillowRaven

This week I continue with cover artists. Next week, I will showcase poetry books that I think any poet lover would enjoy.


I want to thank all of you for your support of me through the years so I have lowered all my books to 99cents from this Nov 2014 through Jan 2015.

You can find my books at any of these links:

kobo: or The Weaver’s Store   paypal only
google play:

Showcasing WillowRaven

I first met WillowRaven in a group I used to be in. She did the cover for a dear friend of mine and it was awesome. WillowRaven is an illustrator and a darn good one too. Please check out her website:

Browse around. She also does banners. I think you’ll agree, she’s quite talented.

Follow her on twitter, if you like: @WillowRaven

Cover Reveal

This weekend I will reveal the cover for my latest novel which Joleene Naylor created for me. It’s just perfect for the storyline. If you haven’t read about Joleene yet, just click on the last blog post.

If you know an author or someone just starting their own business, contact either WillowRaven or Joleene Naylor. What could be a more perfect gift than a credit or gift certificate for a book cover or banner? It’s a unique and personal gift and it will give the receiver the Happiest of Holidays.

Make shopping simple and affordable. Buy books or online services. And don’t forget to treat yourselves to a book or two also.

LHR (love, honor, and respect) my dear friends.


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