Poetry by Bonnie Mutchler

Happy Holidays Week Two

Keeping up with my list of books for holiday gifts, this week I showcase poetry books. Last week, I pointed out two individuals for book covers and suggested how unique this gift would be for that special author or small business owner. You can click on my older posts to read those.

All this week I will be promoting poetry by Indie Authors. I have often said that my heart belongs to writing but my soul belongs to poetry.


Poetry is not as popular as in past times but there are still plenty of modern-day skilled poets, and there are many who enjoy a good poetry book.

Bonnie Mutchler is a poet but not a good one. No. She is beyond excellent and pure genius. Her works are hauntingly bewitching. And here’s the best part – her books are FREE!

I only wish I could write poetry half as good as she can. I have several of her books and thoroughly enjoy reading each one.

The Egg of Orlin is just one of her many books. Here’s a sample of her poetic style:

The Ancient Tomb

Sealed in the tomb

Was the crown of doom

On the ancient brow of bone,

And his knights, so bold,

Had long grown cold,

Their bodies turned to stone.


See what I mean? Poetry, like novels has several genres and Ms. Mutchler writes in fiction, horror, fantasy, life, and love to name just a few.


What could make a better gift than inspiring, haunting poetry?

I’ll tell you what. Ms. Mutchler’s works are FREE, FREE, FREE!

Her works are available on Smashwords and Smashwords has the capability of downloading to most e-readers.

Here’s her Smashwords page where you can find all her works: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/bonniemutchler 

So, not only grab these books as gifts for your poetry lovers but grab them for yourself as well.

Winter is settling in so relax, have a cup of whatever, and read her delightful poetry.

Make this Holiday Season special, not only for you and those you love but also for Independent Authors and small businesses.


******Now, I make a special plea. Please retweet, facebook like, wordpress like/press, G+, stumble upon, email or share in any way you can these holiday posts. Let’s help all these authors by getting the word out about their works. Let’s put smiles on as many people as we can this season.

LHR, my dear friends


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