Poetry Stepping Stones by DM Yates


Poetry can warm your heart and soul this winter

As I mentioned in my last post, I feel that my heart belongs to writing but my soul belongs to poetry. I have written poetry since I was young. I wish I would have kept what I wrote but I didn’t.

I have put all my books on sale as a gift to you for all your support including my treasured book of poetry. All my works are available for just 99 cents from Nov 2014 through Jan 2015. Later, I’ll list where you can find my books.

Stepping Stones is a collection of my works in a wide range of categories. This cover came to me in a dream and thanks to the genius of Joleene Naylor’s cover art, it came to life.

One of my goals in life is to get people interested in poetry again. There are so many forms and genres available that there’s surely one to fit your interest.

I write mainly in rhyme but don’t let that stop you from getting my book and enjoying the many poems.

Here are a few samples that you’ll find in Stepping Stones:

The Falling Snow

The falling snow

lays quietly

atop the field,

upon the trees.

In thick flurries

it now surrounds

all of nature

on frozen grounds.

It’s not the same

as wind or rain

that slams against

the window pane.

The gales will moan

and shriek and blow,

and often they

make quite a show.

The sleet will prance

its chilling dance—

plummet and ping

at every chance.

The gusts will swirl

and seem a fright.

Yet it can’t change

the earth to white.

Mists drizzle down

through clouds of grey

or drench the sod,

still rare will stay.

Glistening flakes

so bright at night

make not a sound

when they alight.

But gentle fluff

descends aglow

and cloaks the world

in icy dough.

It’s wonder as

the eyes do gaze,

as silently

its sheen be splayed.

San Francisco

Ask of me romantic.

I’ll mention a city.

I’d confidently say San Francisco.

Dubbed the Bay Area.

Modern, yet eccentric.

Parking garages, clanging cable cars.

Roads that weave up and down.

The ferries on the bay.

Aromatic delis and restaurants.

Streets crowded with tourists.

Busy Ghirardelli.

Diverse attractions at Fisherman’s wharf.

The red Golden Gate Bridge.

Fetching Golden Gate Park.

Across the bay, charming Sausalito.

The Marina District.

Bustling Pacific port.

The peninsula crossed by 3 bridges.

The prison Alcatraz.

Pier 39 sea lions.

Rising mists from the Pacific Ocean.

Eclectic and diverse.

City of Seven Hills.

Romantically defined – San Francisco.

The Waterfall

How I love a waterfall—

gushing, rushing down Earth’s wall,

crashing hard upon the ground,

as it splatters all around.

Watch its many molecules

sparkling like pure shiny jewels.

Riding, gliding o’er the trail,

Briskly coursing through the vale.

Oh, those hydro beads have fun,

dashing, splashing on the run.

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LHR my friends.


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