Childrens Author Guey Yanting – Claudine

What is more fun than reading a book?

Children reading books! There’s nothing like watching their happy faces as the story develops.

This week I showcase children’s authors to help you find some great gifts for your little readers.

Guey Yanting – Claudine

Not only is Claudine adorable and caring, she is one of my favorite friends and authors. Claudine truly wants children to read good stories – and that’s just what her books are.


Little Orchid’s Sea Monster Trouble is the story of a girl trying to prove to her Ma that the Giant Cuttlefish exists, and ending up turning into a sea monster herself.


You can watch the book trailer here: 


My Clearest Me is about self-discovery and personal heroism told through original rhymes and brilliant paintings. You can watch this book trailer here:

Brightness Sailors Bit by Bit about a child releasing Brightness and trusting Love.


Aren’t these books sensitive to the feelings of children? What wonderful gifts they’d make.


Claudine has much more for you to see on her blog: 

I encourage you to take a look and to follow. Not only does she write sweet childrens stories, she also reviews books.


You can find her books and all about Claudine on her Amazon page: Claudine’s Amazon Page While you’re there, be sure to like her page too.


Her books are well-priced at $1.99 and $2.99


You can also find Claudine at: Claudine on Facebook and at

Click to follow her at both these sites.


I’ve known Claudine for a few years now and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about her, it’s her love of children so you certainly can’t go wrong adding these books to your Christmas list.

Put a smile on a child’s face today by purchasing Claudine’s books.

LHR my friends.


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