Best Gifts for Horror/Sci Fi/Fantasy Genre Roger Lawrence

There are only 20 days left before Christmas

Where does the time go? We’re getting down on our shopping days and I fear I might have to start putting several authors in one post.

March House Books – before we get started I want to let you know about a fabulous give-away from March House Books. It costs nothing to enter and sweet Barbara is giving several sets of children’s books away! Hurry over to her site: March House Books Christmas GiveAway

Today I’m showcasing one of my all-time favorite authors, Roger Lawrence. I first met Roger in a group for writers and I was quickly drawn to his writings.

Roger is a versatile author who writes Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy with lots of his quirky humor added. I think I’ve read every book he’s written, and you can see his books on my shelf above.

Sci Fi – Roger’s series of Three Hoodies Save the World can be found here  on Amazon Three Hoodies

These books are the adventures of 3 young men as they travel through outer space to save the world. They’re definitely fun books to read and I recommend them for young teenage boys through adults. They range in price from 99cents to $1.99 for Kindle versions.

Horror –  need a gift for someone who enjoys short stories and horror? Let me suggest A Little Twist also just 99 cents from Amazon A Little Twist  Trust me. Don’t read these alone and certainly not at night. I never could guess the ending of a single story so I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys horror and endings with a twist.

Also in the horror genre are Kongomato and Spawn of Kongomato about an ancient creature that arrives in London by accident. I love this series, and these are books that you can’t put down. WARNING – your eyes will open wide with terror and never resume their natural shape again.

Kongomato is $1.99 and Spawn of Kongomato is $2.30.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy with a kick of Quantum Physics – Old Geezers ($1.99) and soon to come the second in the series.

By far, the Old Geezers is my favorite of his books. Three elderly gentlemen (and believe me, I use the term gentlemen loosely) live in a home for old folks in California after an apocolyptic event. They discover a time machine built by an evil genius and well, you can pretty much guess the rest. They traipse around the past, present, and future causing all sorts of havac. This story is great fun to read.

Roger has something for almost every guy on your list (and women too if they’re like me and enjoy Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy). At these prices, he’s worth a try so hop on over to Amazon and load up on his books. You can also get gift certificates for certain books so if you don’t know how to add a book to someone’s Kindle, send them the gift card link.

Be sure to connect with Roger. We authors love to connect with readers and other authors.

Roger’s Amazon Page

Books. What better gifts can one receive?

LHR, my friends


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