More Gift Ideas – YA/NA/Fantasy Authors E.J. Wesley, Tricia Drammeh, DM Yates

With only 9 more days before Christmas, this is when we realize gifts we forgot to purchase. It’s the perfect time to order e-books. Delivery is a no hassle, assured thing.

Today, I showcase 3 more authors, all favorites of mine. The next blog post I’ll introduce you to romance novelists.

E.J. Wesley

E.J. writes in fantasy, young adult, and new adult genres. I’ve read two of his works and they were imaginative and an excellent read, and right now ‘Blood Fugue’ is only 99cents on Amazon amazon blood fugue.

He has a passion for developing the new adult genre – between young adult and adult literature. There’s a weekly #NALitChat on google + and although I’m far, far behind on so many things, when I can I do catch up on these. There’s so much great info for any author so I’d advise you to take a chance and drop by.

E.J. has written several books and his works can be found on his blog: The Open Vein

This is his amazon author page: amazon e.j. wesley page

twitter: @EJWesley

facebook: E.J. Wesley on Facebook


So, if you have to buy gifts for young adults and/or new adults who like fantasy, E.J.’s books would make the perfect gifts.

Tricia Drammeh

Tricia Drammeh has been a friend of mine for a long time. She’s well-known for reviewing books and has reviewed my poetry book and my childrens book ‘Gingerbread Castle’ but she’s also an author of YA and chicklit.

Now, I’m not a fan of chicklit, but I took a chance and read Tricia’s ‘Better Than Perfect.’ What did I think? Well, here’s my Amazon review (right now the book is free!) amazon Better Than Perfect

Twenty-three-year-old Karlie is in the type of rut some people never escape from. With few friends, no boyfriend, and no plans to graduate from college any time in the immediate future, Karlie is as stuck in her ways as the elderly neighbor she spends all her time with.

When her world is invaded by two surly twins bound for criminal court, a too-good-to-be-true love interest, and a cute cop who keeps showing up at the most inopportune moments, Karlie can either fight against the changes in her life, or embrace them.

(of course I gave her 5 stars)

I totally enjoyed reading Tricia Drammeh’s ‘Better than Perfect.’ I loved the emotional connections among all the characters. Ms. Drammeh slowly built the story and all the emotional ups and downs, giving the reader plenty of time to understand and feel what the main character, Karlie was experiencing.
This is a story of neighbors who are family to each other; doing the right thing taking care of an ailing woman and being willing to be responsible for teenagers.
The book starts off where Karlie doesn’t want to move from the past, where she doesn’t want to change anything, but change happens anyway.
Karlie struggled with many emotional traumas and I found myself rooting for what I thought was the best answer for her. As love plays into the picture, Karlie is ready to move on and accept the present but she has to make a choice, and that choice just piles on top of all of her other struggles.
I’m so glad I decided to read this book. It’s well-written and the storyline moves along at a good pace. I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this kind of read. I know I’ll be reading it more than once.

Tricia’s amazon page: amazon tricia drammeh

Tricia’s blog:

twitter: @TriciaDrammeh

facebook: facebook tricia

G+: tricia

Smashwords: smashwords tricia

Tricia also contributed to our ‘Strange Portals’ anthology which is still FREE at Smashwords:

Give one of her works a try. You will love them.

DM Yates ‘The Lone Hero’ Fantasy, Dragons, War, Elves

(right now, all my ebooks are only 99 cents)

Aberforth, home world to dragons and people is at war. Dragons are fighting each other and the human race is in danger of extinction. Einarr is born in a dragon’s companion line. Due to an ancient magical ritual performed by Zavat, a powerful dragon, Einarr is chosen to help bring about the end of the war and issue peace back to Aberforth. This will be no easy task for Einarr since the war will last throughout his lifetime.
As a child, Einarr develops a hatred for all dragons after witnessing their cruelty in battle, yet he accepts Zavat’s request to help find a solution to the dragons’ disagreements. Together, Einarr and Zavat make a formidable team who learn to work together and along the way Einarr realizes that there are good and evil dragons, just like there are good and evil people.

 When it comes to fantasy, how could I not include my own book ‘The Lone Hero’?

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kobo: or The Weaver’s Store
google play:

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Please make sure you follow and/or like  the authors’ sites. It’s the best Christmas gift you can give to any of us. If you’ve missed past authors, please just check past posts.

LHR my friends.


9 thoughts on “More Gift Ideas – YA/NA/Fantasy Authors E.J. Wesley, Tricia Drammeh, DM Yates

  1. It’s very nice to come across this post and discover all these new books and authors. I found this blog while surfing through Tricia’s blog. Tweeted the post and followed the authors features here on Twitter and G+, Goodreads. I have a rather huge TBR stack but added these books to my Goodreads to-read shelf, always nice to discover some new gems!

    • Leona, it’s so nice to meet you and thank you for the support with the social media. I know what you mean. I have so many books to read, but I can’t resist picking up new interesting works. Off to find your blog.

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