January is a Great Time to Organize

Happy January. I hope all of you had a great holiday time. This is the month where temps drop, winds blow, and snow or rain falls constantly.

It’s the perfect time to set new resolutions, but most of us don’t keep them. Did you make your list? Remember, you have 12 months to complete them, so why not work on just one a month, or until that one is completed or becomes a habit. Normally, it takes 6 weeks to make a habit.

For instance, if your list looks like this:

Lose Weight

Finish the project I started 10 years ago


Plant a garden

Clean the closets

Start with the most important to you. Obviously, planting your garden can be held off until planting season. Losing weight would be easier if you exercise, so put Exercise above Lose Weight.

Also, each of your goals can be broken down. For instance, Exercise. How often, where, what type? If you haven’t exercised in a while, set increments to achieve your goals.

Every January, I like to clean out my files. All my files. I find that over the year, my files can get pretty messy and out of order. This includes my computer files, so I spend the month re-organizing and deleting anything I no longer need.

I also go through every site I belong to and eliminate any that aren’t that useful to me.

Planning to diet or be healthier? Check out my quora blog for what Mark Twain said. DM Yates Inspirational Guidance Quora

Please note: I am slowly phasing out my old google+ profile so please add this address to your circles instead: google dmyatesweaver

LHR, my friends


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