Libro Agonia The Book of Pain by Author Roger Lawrence

If you type ‘describe pain’ in your address bar, you may see this:

noun: pain; plural noun: pains
  1. 1.
    physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.
    “she’s in great pain
    synonyms: suffering, agony, torture, torment, discomfort More

    “she endured great pain”
    ache, aching, soreness, throb, throbbing, sting, stinging, twinge, shooting pain, stab, pang, cramps;
    “a pain in the stomach”
  2. 2.
    careful effort; great care or trouble.
    “she took pains to see that everyone ate well”
    synonyms: care, effort, bother, trouble

    “he took great pains to hide his feelings”
verb: pain; 3rd person present: pains; past tense: pained; past participle: pained; gerund or present participle: paining
cause mental or physical pain to.
“it pains me to say this”
synonyms: hurt, cause pain, be painful, be sore, be tender, ache, throb, sting, twinge, cause discomfort

Blurb: After being cursed to live forever, Tom Fletcher thinks that’s as bad as it could get. When he discovers that he will spend eternity in unspeakable agony, never to sleep or eat, and that madness is denied him, he truly begins to understand the meaning of hopelessness.
After two hundred years of mind numbing pain he discovers that there is a way for him to escape the punishment. That opportunity arrives another century later. But has his mind been so warped by pain and misery that he could ever commit the awful crime required to free himself?

The Book of Pain follows one man’s life through many adventures, including discovering a secret evil organization and a book, Libro Agonia. The main character Tom Fletcher is burdened by pain. Now you might ask what kind of pain?

Every description above. And he is cursed to live forever. Will he eventually overcome the curse? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Roger Lawrence is a genius of the macabre and he doesn’t disappoint us one bit with this novel. The Book of Pain is unique in its subject matter and sure to please anyone who thrills in reading horror. I’ve read all of Mr. Lawrence’s works and I believe this to be his greatest work.

The Book of Pain is available from Amazon for only $2.30 You can click on the above picture to purchase it there.

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