I Collect Buttons, Do You?

All of us collect things. One of my favorites to collect is buttons.

Why, you ask? I use buttons in crafting, so different sizes, styles, colors are important to have on hand.

Above are some of the unique ones: ice cream cone, hand, anchor, lock, skeleton, book, etc.

Here are some of my purple buttons: star, horse, teddy bear, heart.

Just plain old button shaped buttons in different sizes and colors.

What I use buttons for:

Eyes, noses on toys

Jointing doll limbs

Decoration on Christmas ornaments

Adding a design on quilts, sweaters, etc

Making ornaments

I prefer older style buttons. I used to be able to find big bagfulls at Thrift Stores. Not so anymore, but EBay has a great selection. Here’s a page on Vintage Buttons (my favorite): EBay Vintage Buttons

You can buy them in bulk from amazon: buttons on amazon

Even Etsy has buttons: buttons on Etsy

What about button art? Etsy Button Art

I’m not fond of today’s resin buttons. They just don’t have character like buttons used to.

Are you trying to decide what to do with buttons? Never fear. There’s craft books too.

Great creative today. Developing one talent will only lead to even more talents.

Leo Buscaglia once said: Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

Check out my Weebly blog on how to simplify your day by creating Twitter Lists:http://dmyates.weebly.com/weaver-of-captivating-tales-blog/have-you-done-your-twitter-lists

Special Note: I’m finally getting back on top of things. If I haven’t caught up on your blog yet, I soon will.

Love, Honor, and Respect to all


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