How to Earn Additional Income the Easy Way

As you know, I’m an author and poet, but let’s just say that the average author doesn’t make a bundle of money.

Many of you are trying to start a work from home business (this includes us authors and poets).

I’ve tried many online ways to earn some extra cash. The best one I’ve found is a site called  

Swagbucks gives you the opportunity to earn, well, swagbucks towards gift cards, paypal, etc. and it’s really easy. I love this site and I’m there every morning now earning swagbucks.

How to earn:

1. Purchase something online from a company connected to Swagbucks. This could be Walmart, Amazon, Target – there are tons of companies. Sometimes they’ll have a ‘Shop and Earn’ where you just visit the site and earn swagbucks. I’ve discovered stores and great prices that I never knew existed before.

2. Shopping at one of the stores. When you click on the store, Swagbucks will tell you how many swagbucks per dollar you’ll earn. Sometimes there are specials, such as for the upcoming Mothers Day.

3. Each day, Swagbucks sets a goal for you. If you hit that goal, you earn Swagbucks. For instance, my goal today is a simple 40. I’ve already earned 16 of the 40 and I haven’t bought anything.

4. Surveys – you can earn anywhere from a couple of swagbucks to over a hundred by taking surveys.

5. One of my favorite ways is to ‘Search and Earn’ using their search bar. I’m always searching info every day. This morning, I typed in a question and got an instant ‘8 swagbucks’.

6. Daily Poll, NOSO (offers), Discover, Encrave, Swagbucks TV (videos that are 1 minute up to 5 minutes on all sorts of subjects), Contests, Twitter Tuesday, Swagblog Hourly Winner, Games, Referrals, swag button on your tool bar. You can win swagbucks just so easily in so many ways.


Amazon cards

Walmart cards


Target cards




(the list goes on) You can check it out yourself here: Swagbucks Rewards

Another way I earn Swagbucks is through Bing Rewards. When I earn 575 Bing Rewards, I transfer those to Swagbucks. Or – you can just get rewards through Bing, but I’ve found it more efficient to use Bing for Swagbucks.

Every morning I go to Bing and click on the news articles. I can earn up to 15 Bing points daily on my PC and 10 points for mobile. That’s 25 points a day.

Friends, if you want some extra cash or amazon or other cards, try this program. Click on the link I’ve set up. If you click on the link and register, then we’ll be on the same team. Any questions you have, I’m here to help you.

This is a fun program where you earn REAL benefits, so give Swagbucks a try.



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