Publish and die

This is going to be a great read

Three Hoodies Save the World

My family collection is now complete and I aim to publish within a few days.

There are just two problems. The first is that I’m not sure the images will appear even though I’ve done it just the way MS said I should, and although they’re not strictly necessary, they help to break up the book a little.

The second snag-ette is that if I do, She has threatened to kill me.

Can’t think why.

Here’s the first page.


In my continuing attempts to be a good father I was going to take my daughter shopping a few days ago so she could add to her already fifty or so phone covers. This was one to be genuine mink, apparently.

‘Are you ready?’ I called upstairs.

A mumbled grunt from upstairs signified ‘yes, father dear’ or something equally as non committal.

‘Did you make your bed?’


‘Well I was…

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