The Dimidiums Chapter Twelve

My six book Dimidiums stories are about a secret race that’s half vampire and half human. Trevor Dittmar, a Dimidium, falls in love with the human Janna. Forced to marry him to keep the secret, she’s now terrified and loathes the man she once loved.
In this chapter, part one, she runs away while on her honeymoon – straight into the arms of the worst type of vampire, an Accursed.

The vampire pulled back, intrigued by his lack of fear. “Are you offering yourself instead?”
“I offer you nothing. I usually play inspiring music at this point, but I was in a hurry and didn’t bring any.” He thought for a moment. To the vampire he said, “Let me deal with my wife, and then I’ll give you the time you deserve.” He gazed into Janna’s eyes. “You may not know this, but I love good music. I dedicate these to you, because I’ve failed at showing you how much you mean to me and at capturing your heart as you captured mine.” He sang the beginnings of several of his favorite love songs, weaving them together into one fluid melody. When he finished, he looked at the Accursed. “It’s your turn.”
“Will you sing me to death?”


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