Vampires, Love, and a Curse

Chapter Sixteen ‘Time Forgotten’ from ‘The Dimidiums Book One Bound by Love’ is on Wattpad.

Here are a couple of excerpts:
“This is wrong,” Trevor yelled. “It’s unfair.”
“Continue to complain if you wish,” said Stefan indifferently.
“You’re doing this to punish my wife and me.”
“Am I?”
“You know you are. Where’s Lainie?”
“She’s been attached to Ulan Bator, Mongolia for a few months. She left yesterday.”
“Is that supposed to be your idea of a joke? Sending her to one of the coldest places on this planet? It’s freezing there. Assigning me cold cases in a heavy wintry state in November? Very funny. A few of those open files are over fifty years old. See? You’re punishing us.”

He nudged her ear with his nose and whispered, “That was wonderful.” He kissed her ear and neck and scraped his fangs against her shoulder. Instantly, he tightened his hold on her, and their passion intensified, and he gave himself to her beyond anything she ever imagined; his eyes wild, his mouth sucking on her neck and shoulder, his body writhing from his cravings. And she, responding to his every need, savored every minute of it. He took her hungrily with a wretched aching, as if he would never see her again.

“Now,” commanded a deep voice.
“I’m doing it, Milosh.” The woman leaned forward, placed her hands on Janna’s temples, and issued a curse upon her that would affect not only Janna, but the townspeople, Trevor, his family, and the Los Angeles office and its subsidiaries.
Somehow, Janna managed a scream before she fainted and fell off the chair, hitting her head hard. She forced her bleary eyes open. It looked like an Accursed leaning over her, but when a breeze hit her from the tent door, he disappeared out the back.

Around the office, others stopped moving for mere seconds. When they continued what they were doing, no-one recalled that Trevor Dittmar was married, and there were no automated or manual records of such an event.

Bound by Love, available where-ever ebooks are sold.


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