The Dimidiums last part of Chapter Thirteen

Janna hadn’t seen or heard from Trevor for a long time. When he did phone, he informed her that Stefan was going to hold a court and make his final judgement on her. Trevor would pick her up and take her to the office.

Rather than you having to chase the story on Wattpad, here is the last part of the chapter:

At 8 a.m. Janna sat on the porch wearing the same dress she’d worn when she last saw Trevor, the yellow dress with a smiling sun embroidered on it. Her hair, now longer to honor his request to let it grow, held a clipped sunflower to control the loose strands. And she wore the necklace she had recently bought in Las Vegas.
She waited nervously. Somehow, she needed to get him to realize how much she loved him, and she intended to convince Stefan that she and Trevor belonged together, that she’d never hurt his son again. Whatever Stefan decided, she wouldn’t disagree, no matter the punishment.
Trevor pulled up in the Cadillac XTS. He went to the passenger side and opened the door for her and waited. He watched her walk to the car and he wanted to grab her into an embrace and never let her go, but that wasn’t going to happen. Once she got in, he drove to the freeway.
“How’ve you been?” she asked furtively.
“The same.” He looked her over yearningly. “You’re lovely in that dress.”
“I wore it for you. I’ll do whatever you want if you’ll keep me,” she said.
Trevor said nothing.
“I didn’t mean to call you a freak,” she blurted out. “I was upset. Just forgive me and give me another chance. You said that you can’t live without me, but I can’t go on without you. It’s like you told me. Our binding makes me miss you so much. I want you, Trevor. I love you, and I ache for you.”
He didn’t respond. They drove in silence and eventually she napped, waking occasionally then nodding off again. She woke when they arrived at the office.
“Stefan is holding a court. I’m not permitted. He’s sending me on an errand to pick up a prisoner.” Trevor’s jaw was set tight. “I have no say in this. Understand that.”
She took his hand and he gripped hers tightly.
“I love you, my husband,” she said.
He kept his gaze away from her. “As I do you, my wife.” He swallowed hard. He hadn’t been sure after the last time that he saw her that she really loved him, and he still wasn’t sure that he could believe her now.
They took the elevator to the fifth floor and he left her there, taking the stairs back down. Two guards signaled her to follow. They entered a padded room that held a single table with cuffs for the neck, wrists, and ankles. A doctor stood nearby, and she realized there was no court, that Stefan already selected her punishment.
When Trevor reached the main level, Lainie was waiting. They took the elevator to the basement then hurried up the back stairs to a door on the fifth floor and listened quietly.
“This is where you’ll be executed,” said Stefan flatly to Janna. He sat behind a small desk and motioned to the guards. A burly one picked her up and laid her on the table and the other strapped her in.
“It’s goodthat you don’t fight,” said Stefan. “It’ll be over sooner this way.”
“I won’t shame my husband again or cause anymore dishonor to Karla, Trinity, and Ulrich. You, I don’t care about. I think you’re a hateful man and nothing I’d ever do would please you anyway because I’m one of those despicable humans. I know you don’t trust me, but I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused.”
He released the guards, but the larger one refused to move.
“Topu, you may leave,” Stefan ordered in a stern voice.
“One witness is required.” Topu stood his ground.
“You’re correct, of course, but this time I’m instructing you to leave.”
“We, that is, all the guards stationed here are under orders by High Council Member Karla Dittmar. If the wife of Trevor Dittmar were to be brought in for punishment, one of us must remain as witness then immediately inform the High Council Member of your verdict.”
Janna could feel the tension. She realized that Karla made this order to ensure that Stefan couldn’t hurt or kill her.
Stefan didn’t reply, but his anger was obvious. He gave himself a moment to calm down before speaking to her. “Your choices are to die or be changed. Do you have a preference?”
“I prefer to live my life with my Halbling husband Trevor Dittmar, whom I love with all my heart, exactly as I am, as a human because he accepts me and loves me and I’m lucky to be loved by him.”
Outside the door, Trevor closed his eyes in agony. Lainie patted his back.
“You have no trouble saying what you think, do you?” asked Stefan. “You should be pleading with me.”
“Why? It wouldn’t make any difference.”
“You broke our law. You hurt my son. You disgraced our family.” Stefan shuffled papers and started writing on a blank form. “Karla has forbidden me to kill you, but if you chose it, she wouldn’t be able to interfere. Trevor, my other children, Ina, and even Lainie have begged me to forgive you. This has been difficult on all of us. It would make it easier for me if you picked death. Then we could find my son an appropriate wife.” He motioned for the doctor. “Use the other one first.”
The doctor set down a needle with a tube attached and readied a different IV.
“You can scream, if you wish,” said Stefan. “The room is soundproof.”
“And your ego would love that. I won’t give you the satisfaction nor will I shame my husband.”
Trevor had his hand on the doorknob, ready to burst in, but Lainie stopped him.
Without saying another word to Janna, Stefan picked up the paperwork. He motioned to Topu, but the guard didn’t move. “I’m not the one who’s going to hurt her, am I?” asked Stefan. He left and the guard reluctantly followed after him.
The doctor started the IV. “What’s in this?” She asked, afraid.
“It’s to put you to sleep so when I start the IV to transform you, you won’t feel the pain.”
“No, wait. You can’t do this. Stefan can’t do this. It’ll kill me. It’ll kill Trevor.”
“Stefan has been ordered not to hurt you, and so he’s not touching you. This will take about 20 minutes for you to fully be out and then I’ll be back.”
Janna could feel the medicine moving through her. Her limbs relaxed. Please, Trevor, I beg you, find me before it’s too late.
The doctor waited until her eyes slowly closed before he too left.
She didn’t know how long she’d been out, but she couldn’t fully awake. She could feel the liquid still coursing into her veins, but she also heard hurried whispers; a woman’s voice first. “Come on. We have to work quickly. It’s a good thing I knew about this back door.”
“I’m cutting as fast as I can. These straps are thick. How did you discover this door anyway?” Was that Trevor’s voice?
“I’m nosy. What can I say? When I first got assigned here, I checked out every drawer, door, and closet.” Lainie?
Someone ripped the IV from her arm and smacked her face. “Wake up,” whispered the female voice.
Janna blinked into the blurry face of Lainie.
“She’s waking. Hurry, you dork. Good thing today’s my day off.”
“You should get out of here. If he finds out you helped, he’ll punish you.”
“I know, and worse than what he ever gives you, his favorite. It’s not like I haven’t been in trouble before. She wears the prettiest clothes.”
“I got this for her. The first time I saw her, she wore a yellow top. It was like she was this bright sun beckoning me to her. I was so aroused.” Trevor brushed his hand against Janna’s cheek, down her throat, and across her chest. “I never wanted a woman more. After she met with Stefan that first time, I knew what was coming. I bought her clothes and packed them with mine and Ulrich stashed it on Karla’s jet. It was only a matter of time.
Trevor continued, “I’d planned to propose. I’d hoped that Stefan would accept that commitment and give us more time. Neither of us wanted marriage yet. We’d both been hurt from previous relationships. I even arranged to give her a human wedding. Ulrich was researching all the details for me. I tried many times to explain myself to her, but I couldn’t let her find out I was a Halbling and a killer. If I had, maybe she wouldn’t find me repulsive. I lost her anyway.”
“You haven’t lost her, you idiot. She loves you. How many times do I have to tell you that? You’re so insecure about her love. You should have seen her when I visited. She misses you badly, it broke my heart. She wept, Trevor, for you. You two are meant for each other. Humans are afraid of any species stronger and smarter than they are. And vampires terrify them. Keep in mind that I lived in a human community. There’s all these dumb legends out there. But don’t you ever doubt that she loves you. She’ll get over the shock and the revulsion. She’s the sort of person that needs time to accept things. Aren’t you done yet? The great Shaolin master can’t cut through straps?”
“How come your human friends aren’t afraid of you? You’re not aging like they are.”
“Humans move around a lot, so the new neighbors just see me as I am without question. My friends from my childhood, I had to let go of them, but I make new friends easily. It’s husbands that evade me.”
“You understand my assignment? Are you sure they won’t tell on us?” Trevor murmured.
“Unlike you, I make friends everywhere, not enemies. Everyone likes me. What do you think is in this tube with a needle attached?”
He hissed. “It looks like changing serum, but I can’t be sure. Normally, it’s administered from a vial and the human drinks it. Stefan was going to have it injected in her, then it would have been too late to stop the treatment, and she would have died from an overdose. I got the last strap finally.” He and Lainie helped her to sit up. Janna was dizzy and weak and placed her head on his shoulder.
“What was the doctor giving her?” asked Lainie.
“Something to make her sleep.”
“Why? You don’t think that Stefan was really going to change her?”
“What does it matter? I wouldn’t have let him do anything to her. I’ve already called Karla. Help me get her out the back way.”
They lifted her off the table and then he picked Janna up and carried her down the stairs and out a back door while Lainie kept watch.
The fresh air felt good and Janna breathed it in deeply. Lainie opened a car door and Trevor laid Janna carefully on the floor. He covered her with a blanket. “Don’t move.”
“Get going.” Lainie hurried away to another car. “If you need anything else, call me. Just get her somewhere safe.”
“He’s going to find out, Lainie.”
“Go. Just go, you stupid dork!”
He jumped in and drove to the gates. The guard opened them and Trevor revved the jeep out into traffic. That was the last thing Janna remembered before she fell back asleep.

The Dimidiums Chapter Twelve The Broken Rule Final Part

I’ve just posted this chapter on Wattpad. Trevor has taken Janna to safety before his father Stefan can arrest her for breaking an important Dimidium rule and for running away from his son on their honeymoon. Trevor has just informed Janna that he has chosen to leave her alone for months.

Fantasy and Immortality

UPDATE: Laurence of Dragon Fame is ready to be formatted to ebook and paperback. Yay! It shouldn’t be long now before it’s ready for you to read!


‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ is the second book in the dragon series and part of my Immortals collection.

The Immortals were first introduced in ‘Always’.


(I’d like to thank the talented Joleene Naylor for these fantastic covers.)

The Immortals live on the Other Side where they dwell in peace and love. They may choose whenever they wish to be born into mortality on any planet they want to improve themselves or to accomplish missions.

Einarr is my lead Immortal. He has an eternal love, Katura. He is a strong Immortal and intelligent, but serious. He has a circle of friends that includes Paulos (a legendary Greek Warrior and Olympian) and Jenniere (an Amazon Warrior from Atlantis).

When born into mortality, they’re given names by their mortal parents, so in ‘Always’ Einarr is named Simon Isaac Umbridge.

LONE HERO - 2000

(I thank Roger Lawrence and Joleene Naylor for this amazing cover.)

‘The Lone Hero’ is where Einarr is named Einarr, and he choses to keep that name for all eternity.

In ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ Einarr is given the name Laurence Di Draco.

But no matter what his name, his immortal personality remains the same.

Here are some excerpts from the three books:



Unable to sleep due to his surfaced emotions, Simon attempted to drown his persistent phantoms with a bottle of Scotch. Damn Dixie. Damn all women, he thought. He got out of bed, downed another large swallow of his drink, and dressed. He knew what he must do to release the demons that haunted him. It never failed.

Simon splashed cold water on his face and ran his hand through his hair. Pull it together, man. I must make them think they’re setting me up. Easy enough to do. There are plenty of idiots who need a good bashing. Staring at himself in the mirror, he flexed his hands several times. His jaw set tight, his right thumb jerked. One quick conflict and good-bye to his nagging memories. He dried his face, put on his jacket, and headed out to brawl.


The Other Side:

The placid day echoed the soft sounds of murmuring brooks, twittering birds, chiming bells, and choirs singing from all directions. Harmony permeated everywhere. The ultra-violet sky illuminated the foliage, and brilliant colours shone in sparkling hues.

Spirits walked about or popped in or out. Some entered buildings, others mused with friends; smiling spirits in appeased states. Dressed in long flowing robes of white or soft pastels, they greeted each other respectfully through telepathy.

Time ran continually, with no finite lives or linear periods. No sadness, no evil, no violence, no fear, no worries existed. Unity, happiness, and goodwill abounded. An eternity of serenity, contentment, and piety prevailed. An air of love wound throughout the Kingdom.

Now and then, mellow tinklings and hymns could be heard from below. These sounds brought joy to this cherished Realm.

Einarr walked with his beloved Katura in his favourite place, the Jasmine Gardens near the Guides’ School. His dog companion Chirr was with them. Kek-Kek, once a sparrow hawk, sang in a nearby tree embellished with pink-and rose-hued flowers of many shapes.


The Lone Hero:

The Other Side:

The class exited and solemnly progressed along the path to the next building. Similar to the Dome Room, a large globe occupied the center, rimmed by seats set apart from each other.

Once Einarr sat, the name ‘Einarr’ resonated through him. He watched bits of his lives unfold, beginning with his first excursion to Aberforth. Several scenes depicted him with his associates, and he heard Laurence, Night Watcher, Edgar, and Simon among many titles.

Aberforth – the dragon homeworld:

Einarr adopted a strict regimen, refusing to waste a moment in his madness to exact revenge. Respite only brought the haunting nightmares, guilt, and panic. He allowed a few berries when they woke up with short breaks until nightfall when they would search for more food. He’d hunt or fish while she collected fruits and roots. When he caught an animal he’d practice slaughtering techniques that he’d develop, much to the horror of his mother. After their meal, Einarr spent time searching for small game which he’d cook during the night so they didn’t squander time the next day. Sometimes they ate while they walked. Once settled for the night, he’d sharpen his weapons that were once his father’s.

The years passed and he became adept at finding dragons and thrilled in the kill. He developed the ability to detect where they would be and how many, when to remain distant from them, and when to charge. He couldn’t count how many he’d dealt with. That didn’t matter to him. Plenty still roamed the skies. He pleasured in taunting his enemy whenever he got the chance. Everyone thought the creatures were clever and extremely strong, but Einarr knew better. He immobilized them effortlessly. Not until he eradicated every last dragon would he give up his pursuit.


‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’

The Other Side:


Time passed. Einarr often visited Aderheim Draconus and always participated in the games. He and his grandmother never lost. He had traveled to Earth twice on missions since Aberforth, but his experiences on the dragon planet remained his most memorable and molded him into a powerful and resilient individual, thus creating the strong bond between him and dragons.

He had been dedicated to his missions and forthright in his deeds, but his first mortal life as the Lone Hero and half-son to Zavat had honed his mental and physical abilities beyond those of normal spirits. Even though eons had passed since his time on the dragon planet and even though he’d traveled twice to Earth, Einarr missed Aberforth the most and especially his father. Of the families he’d acquired when in corporeal form, of those he had come to love, he treasured Zavat the most.




It was late afternoon when an agitated Laurence led his black steed to the appointed spot. They had crawled through thick thorny bushes eventually reaching towering boulders. Zavat had cussed repeatedly at the brambles and thorns that jabbed the sensitive pads of his paws.

Normally, Laurence would have teased Zavat, but his anxiety gripped him and nothing seemed funny. He had been contemplating this gathering and he was sure of one thing. Dragons did exist and they did pay homage to him. How many bowed when they saw him? How many stood in awe? How many called him the Lone Hero? But an Elven wife and children? Yet he fondly remembered them and missed them dearly.

He hadn’t been back to see the D’Onores in months nor had he written to them. He hadn’t given them much thought at all. He and Zavat had been busy checking that dragons had left their lairs or guiding them to passageways. He and Zavat had become close again and he knew beyond a doubt that Zavat was his true kin.


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Thank you for taking the time to read these excerpts.


Love, Honor, and Respect to all.