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Defining Dragon Characters

In my dragon series, there are more than one type of dragon. These dragons live on the planet Aberforth in a social environment much as you would find on Earth.

One of the dragon types is a Klimbanen-Swimman, which is translated as climber-swimmer, because they’re good at both activities. A Klimbanen-Swimman is a small dragon that often walks on his hind legs and is an intelligent dragon. The Klimbanan-Swimmans don’t think humans have much intelligence.

LONE HERO - 2000

In ‘The Lone Hero’ we meet several Klimbanan-Swimman. One is Shuma. Here is an excerpt about him:

From the cave ahead hurried a muddy-brown dragon with mahogany-brown stripes. Half the height of Einarr and thin, he shuffled quickly along upright. At first Einarr thought he lacked wings, but then he noticed they were camouflaged, tucked against his back.

“You found him! Wilcuma, which means welcome in our language, Lone Hero,” said Shuma with a slight bow, talking with clicks between words. “What an honor, here in my humble lair, and I’m to teach him.”

Einarr considered this creature. He’d never seen a dragon like this. Shuma’s stripes ringed his long torso and short limbs. Fluffy white tufts, feather-like, sprouted on his head.

He studied Einarr too and Einarr noted that Shuma’s light green eyes glowed red around the edges. His small talons on all four legs had tiny hooks and the toes were webbed. Einarr counted five small pin-sharp spurs on each. The petite animal seemed completely at ease balancing on his hind legs, his chameleon tail wagging, changing hues as it waved back and forth. When he smiled, the top and bottom of his mouth displayed double rows of mini jagged teeth.

Einarr smirked at Zavat. “You call this is a dragon?”

Shuma chortled.

“I can give you a week, maybe two, that’s all. Can you do it?” asked Zavat.

“If he is smart as is rumored about him, I should be able to instruct him in some things.”

Einarr poked the lizard-like creature in the stomach. Shuma swatted Einarr’s hand away. “No, no, hut-fellow. No jabbing.”

Zavat nodded at Shuma. “Educate him first in our types and in our language. He only recognizes us by colors, but he can understand us quite well.” To Einarr, he said, “I wouldn’t jab him again. He’s feisty and agile, and his teeth are extremely sharp. You’ll lose a finger. He’s a dragon with a brilliant mind, the smartest of all of us, a Klimbanen-Swimman. He can climb anything or swim rapidly. Don’t disrespect him, I’ll know, and don’t harm him. He’s the Keeper of our Records.” At that, Zavat left Einarr with the small critter.

“I imagine you’re hungry. That’s all primitives seem to want besides sleep. What else have you simple minded folk to live for? Quickly, yongling, there’s a lot for you to absorb. I have fruit and burned you a fish. You may eat while I lecture.”

Shuma ushered Einarr into his home and Einarr ducked through the rounded entranceway. To his surprise, the well-lit cavern was immaculate. Many torches fixed high along the barren brown walls shed a faint golden light even in the nooks and gave the room a tranquil glow. Tiny footprints ran in every direction; along the walls, the ceiling, and the floor which was filled with thick layers of peach sand. A roaring fire sat in the middle, the firewood stacked evenly by the entrance. Piles of large books were scattered and stacked everywhere and shelves held neatly arranged scrolls, ink bottles, and quills in bundles. Baskets filled with fruit, leaves, and nuts filled the empty spaces between the books. The fire cast shadows on additional nooks also crammed with books of all sizes, the doorways carved too low and several were only wide enough for Shuma to fit through. Here and there, shiny objects buried partway in the sand gleamed.

Shuma settled himself, crossing his legs and pointed to a thick mound of blankets bunched on the ground. “I thought you’d be more comfortable on those. I think that’s how your simpleminded species sleeps. Sit or recline, whichever you like. I don’t mind as long as you pay attention. Remove those shoes or you’ll track my sand outside.”

Einarr smirked at the comment. Where-ever he went, bare-footed or in shoes, sand was going with him. Still, he removed his shoes as asked. The dense sand and blankets made the softest seat and he sank down feeling quite comfortable.

“Help yourself to my food. I keep plenty around. I’ve put a fish in this one.” Shuma scooped a handful of nuts and popped them in his mouth. He pushed a basket to Einarr, who immediately ate, not caring that the crunchy fish was beyond charred.

“Did you start this fire so I’d be warm?”

Shuma cackled with clicking noises. “No, my famous student. We Klimbanan-Swimman chill easily. Are you uncomfortable with heat?”

“It’s perfect.” Einarr yawned. “Why are your footprints on the walls and ceiling?”

“Such a curious question. Watch, nipper.” Shuma darted around the walls, ceilings, and floor. “We cling easily to any surface. Sadly, our wings are too small for us to hover. When we extend them, they only support our hopping long distances.” Shuma opened his wings, fluttered them a couple times, and he leapt to his seat.

“Why all the sand?”

In a whisper, Shuma answered. “It conceals my treasure. Mustn’t steal any though. It’s all mine. We’re most protective of our hoards.”

We’ll look more at the Klimbanan-Swimman species in future blog posts.


‘The Lone Hero’ can be purchased where-ever ebooks are sold for $1.99. Click on the link to your right to find a book at your e-store. It’s also available in paperback from Amazon The Lone Hero Paperback for $12.50


In Laurence of Dragon Fame, Laurence (once Einarr) will meet up with Shuma again and meet a couple of Shuma’s descendents. They will also be in future blog posts. ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ will be available soon.

I enjoy developing characters’ personalities. Don’t you?


Love, Honor, and Respect


Three Things on my Mind Welcome Autumn A Halloween Recipe Excerpt From the Lone Hero



Hello everyone and hello to autumn. There’s nothing like the beauty of nature with its myriad colors and the crisp chill in the air.

Autumn signals to me a time of crafting and cooking; a time when I’ll be home-bound now through late spring. Although I love autumn, my health is worse and I’m cold sensitive. I find this strange since I grew up in the northeast corner of Ohio where winter weather is extreme and I had no problems then.

So, starting today, as a gift to you, I’ll be posting a recipe or a craft with my book excerpts. If you follow one or more of my blogs and/or follow me on Facebook plus comment on the excerpt, I’ll be doing some drawing prizes later on. Details to follow in another blog.

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The past three years I’ve been working on the sequel to ‘The Lone Hero’

LONE HERO - 2000

The Lone Hero is the story of an immortal being Einarr who accepts a mission to the dragon planet Aberforth to put an end to the dragon war. The book is available where-ever ebooks are sold for $1.99. Click on the image and it will take you to Amazon. (Cover by Roger Lawrence and Joleene Naylor)

In the sequel ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ Einarr is called on another mission, this time to Earth. It’s the 13th century and christianity has taken hold. The church has issued an order for the death of all dragons. Einarr must help get the dragons safely back to Aberforth.


(Cover by Joleene Naylor).


From the ‘The Lone Hero.’

How the war started:

“There’s a weird clump in this ground,” said Mehu as he felt around the ground where he had slept. “We found a dragon’s egg! Notice the light brown color with spots all over it?”

“Maybe that’s how you get a dragon. You have to find an egg.”

“What luck. We’ll raise it then we’ll teach it to take us everywhere.”

The boys struggled to push it up onto the sand.

“It’s huge and heavy,” said Akimo. “How will we get it down?”

“Don’t be dumb. We’ll just slide it.”

They scooped out a pathway to the ledge. With their combined strength, they maneuvered the heavy egg into position and gave it a shove. It rolled rapidly. The boys chased it but when it hit the bottom it cracked open.

Loud squeals erupted as the imperfectly formed draecub struggled to live. It collapsed partly out of its egg; half of its body still adhered inside. The boys tried to soothe it patting its head.

“It’s still hooked to its bed.” Mehu realized if they forced it out it would surely die. “We need Mamma. She delivers babies so she’ll know what to do.”

They tugged at the broken egg but it barely moved so they talked soothingly to the draecub instead. Still it shrieked, each scream an effort until it scarcely whimpered, struggling for each breath. Finally, it flopped forward, silent.

“I think it’s sleeping,” said Mehu.

That’s when they heard the resonant screeching from above and an immense tan dragon alighted. When she examined her lifeless draecub, she turned on the boys and cawed and hissed viciously. They deliberately walked backwards but she grabbed them with her front claws and flew.



Now, as promised a recipe. I found this delightful Halloween recipe at: food.com

You need oil for frying, 4 russet potatoes, and salt.


  1. Heat the oil to 325 degrees in a deep fryer or large heavy, deep skillet. Peel the potatoes and slice lengthwise into 1/4 inch thick slices.
  2. Cut the potato slices into bat shapes with a cookie cutter. Pat the slices dry with a paper towel.
  3. Fry the slices in small batches until cooked through but not brown. Remove from the fat and let drain on the paper towels.
  4. Increase the temperature of the oil to 375 degrees and refry the potatoes in small batches until brown and crispy.
  5. Drain again on paper towels, salt, and serve hot.

We’ve made homemade potato chips many times. I use one of my favorite tools. It cuts the potatoes thin and the cutter has a crinkly design. They’re really easy to make and quick.


I bought it years ago and love it. It is sharp though. You only need to ask my fingers.

Don’t forget to follow and leave a comment.

Love, Honor, and Respect to all.


Stuart Akin Fantasy Scifi Author

My final post for showcasing authors is on Stuart Akin.

Stuart not only writes fantasy and scifi (my favorite reads) but he’s also written romance, horror, literary, erotica, and thriller, so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy among his works. You can click on the picture above to see his biography and his books that are available on Amazon.

Stuart has a wonderful blog: Stuart Aken WordPress and I encourage you to follow it. My favorite posts are his helpful posts on finding the right word. I’ve learned alot from these posts. Stuart puts alot of time and effort into whatever he does, so you’re sure to see quality work from him.

You can also follow Stuart on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StuartAken

This is one author that anyone’s sure to find the perfect book to read, so go to his Amazon page and give one of his books a try.

Love, Honor, and Respect

Romance Author Ruth Ann Nordin

I was in Wattpad recently and discovered that a friend of mine, Ruth Ann Nordin, had an entire book there to read. Well, I delved in and found that I couldn’t stop reading it.


I have to say, this is a delightful read. The story is about an author that gets taken into her story by the male character that she was writing as a bad guy. He wants to prove to her that she’s got him all wrong. This is definitely a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good book.

I liked the book so much that I went to Amazon and purchased it. Just click on the book cover and check it out.

I asked Ruth Ann if she would do a blog post for me, and here it is:

Contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, romance readers don’t read romance because they like trashy novels.  They aren’t sex-crazed bored housewives who desperately need something useful to do with their lives.  I don’t know who started this stereotype, but it doesn’t play out in real life.  Just like people who like horror novels aren’t secretly keeping dead bodies in their basement or performing sacrificial rituals in their backyard.  But I’m not talking about horror novels.  I’m talking about romances and why romances are popular.


The reason why they’re popular is because they guarantee a happy ending.  You can rest assured going in that you are investing your time into characters who won’t die on you or end up unhappy.  You don’t have to go to the end of the book to look at the last page wondering if everything will end up okay before you get started.  You know the hero and heroine labeled in the description will end up together.


Some of you may wonder what’s the point if you already know how things will end.  It’s simple.  The key isn’t how the book is going to end.  The key is the journey.  It’s how the hero and heroine will find their happy ending.  The safety net in reading a romance is knowing that no matter how bad things get for our main characters, you know everything will work out for them in the end.  It’s about hope.


I think romance readers are some of the happiest and most optimistic people I’ve come across.  They’re supportive and caring.  They tend to be happy in their marriages, and they tend to spread happiness wherever they go.  I think that’s why they enjoy romances.  Romances are about giving two people a happy ending, and when those characters get that happy ending, the readers (in turn) share in that happy ending.


There is a connection between the character and the reader.  The reader wants to escape into the character’s world.  Romances allow the reader to escape into the journey of the heart.  But this doesn’t detract from the reader’s real life.  I’d say it enhances it.  Since most romance readers I know are happily married, they aren’t looking to put a hero into their husband’s shoes.  They just want to enjoy someone else’s journey of the heart.


I don’t know how else to explain it.  Since there seems to be so many people who have a hard time understanding what makes romances so popular, I’m hoping this post will help explain it.  I’ve been married for sixteen years, and while my husband and I have had our ups and downs, we’re happy together.  In fact, I’d say the longer we’ve been married, the better things get because we understand and accept each other (faults and all) a lot easier.  So when I read romances, it’s not because I’m a bored and lonely housewife.  It’s because I know how wonderful romance is and enjoy watching two characters discover this for themselves.


Ruth Ann has several romance available on Amazon. Check out her page and be sure to follow her:

Ruth Ann Nordin Amazon


Follow Ruth Ann on Wattpad too: Ruth Ann Nordin Wattpad

Wattpad is a great place to find new authors and read stories for free, so while you’re there, follow me too: DM Yates Wattpad


Love, Honor, and Respect to all.

Fantasy Fall Conclave Fantasy Author Hayley Lawson

Our Fall Fantasy Conclave is still happening on Facebook. This is a great time of year to pick up books for the cold weather moving in.

Today I spotlight Hayley Lawson who writes under the name of H J Lawson.

You can click on her picture and it will take you to her Amazon author page where you can see the books she’s written.


HJLawson is an English author who currently resides in New York. When she’s not writing, she spends her time watching movies and hanging out with her family. She is the author of the following young adult books: The War Kids Series and The Sanction Series.


Hayley has a treat for you. Her ‘Defender of Mankind’ book is free! That’s right free.  Hayley’s Free Book

If you enjoy a good fantasy and vampires, then you’re sure to enjoy this book, so click on the link or the image to get this freebie.

What’s it about?

Let’s let her character Alexa tell you:

I’m Alexa, Defender of Mankind… Time to prove my namesake correct. I’m going to make humans stronger and faster to fight off vampires… I’m going to make them vampire slayers…


Sounds like a fun read, doesn’t it? Give one of Hayley’s books a try. You never know. She just might become your favorite author.


Love, Honor, and Respect

Gingerbread Warmth and my Novel Always

I love gingerbread and gingerbread cookies, especially during the winter months. The reason I do is all the spices mixed with brown sugar and a nice cup of something hot brings a warmth during those cold days.


In my novel ‘Always’, Aunt Tillie loves to make loaves of delicious gingerbread.

So, today I’m starting a new post titled ‘Gingerbread Warmth.’

What simple thing

gives me that wonderful gingerbread warmth?

My electric cup warmer.  I’m not fond of cold coffee or tea, so this little item, that cost me a whole $5 is what makes me happy.

Always is available at amazon for only 99 cents.

Always – more than a love story. A roller coaster ride of emotions.

What brings you that gingerbread warmth? I’d love to hear.

Love, honor, and respect.

Review A Time for Everything by Mysti Parker

I just finished reading ‘A Time for Everything’ by Mysti Parker. I won this book in an Eary Revewer program and I absolutely loved it.



The book is a historical romance set after the Civil War, and it just made the book more intriguing to me.

The story is about a young woman named Portia who not only loses her husband to the war, but loses her 2-year-old daughter to Typhoid. Lost and grieving and living with her brother-in-law’s family, she decides the best thing for her is to start a new life.

She accepts a position as teacher of a young boy in the home of Beau Stanford. Beau lost his wife during the war. He lives with his father, his friend Harry (raised with him so they’re like brothers) and two servants.

Being a romance pretty much tells you what’s going to happen to Portia, but the book also has a lot of action to it.

Ms. Parker builds her story and characters well. As I read the book, I felt I was right there with the Stanfords and Portia, and isn’t that one of the most important qualities of a well-written book? That you get drawn into a new world by the author?

Mysti Parker has written several books, and if they’re anything like this one, then they’ve got to be good reads. You can find this book at amazon.com for 99cents along with other of her works.

I’d recommend this book to any lover of the Romance Genre and give it 5 stars.

Love, Honor, and Respect.