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Defining Dragon Characters

In my dragon series, there are more than one type of dragon. These dragons live on the planet Aberforth in a social environment much as you would find on Earth.

One of the dragon types is a Klimbanen-Swimman, which is translated as climber-swimmer, because they’re good at both activities. A Klimbanen-Swimman is a small dragon that often walks on his hind legs and is an intelligent dragon. The Klimbanan-Swimmans don’t think humans have much intelligence.

LONE HERO - 2000

In ‘The Lone Hero’ we meet several Klimbanan-Swimman. One is Shuma. Here is an excerpt about him:

From the cave ahead hurried a muddy-brown dragon with mahogany-brown stripes. Half the height of Einarr and thin, he shuffled quickly along upright. At first Einarr thought he lacked wings, but then he noticed they were camouflaged, tucked against his back.

“You found him! Wilcuma, which means welcome in our language, Lone Hero,” said Shuma with a slight bow, talking with clicks between words. “What an honor, here in my humble lair, and I’m to teach him.”

Einarr considered this creature. He’d never seen a dragon like this. Shuma’s stripes ringed his long torso and short limbs. Fluffy white tufts, feather-like, sprouted on his head.

He studied Einarr too and Einarr noted that Shuma’s light green eyes glowed red around the edges. His small talons on all four legs had tiny hooks and the toes were webbed. Einarr counted five small pin-sharp spurs on each. The petite animal seemed completely at ease balancing on his hind legs, his chameleon tail wagging, changing hues as it waved back and forth. When he smiled, the top and bottom of his mouth displayed double rows of mini jagged teeth.

Einarr smirked at Zavat. “You call this is a dragon?”

Shuma chortled.

“I can give you a week, maybe two, that’s all. Can you do it?” asked Zavat.

“If he is smart as is rumored about him, I should be able to instruct him in some things.”

Einarr poked the lizard-like creature in the stomach. Shuma swatted Einarr’s hand away. “No, no, hut-fellow. No jabbing.”

Zavat nodded at Shuma. “Educate him first in our types and in our language. He only recognizes us by colors, but he can understand us quite well.” To Einarr, he said, “I wouldn’t jab him again. He’s feisty and agile, and his teeth are extremely sharp. You’ll lose a finger. He’s a dragon with a brilliant mind, the smartest of all of us, a Klimbanen-Swimman. He can climb anything or swim rapidly. Don’t disrespect him, I’ll know, and don’t harm him. He’s the Keeper of our Records.” At that, Zavat left Einarr with the small critter.

“I imagine you’re hungry. That’s all primitives seem to want besides sleep. What else have you simple minded folk to live for? Quickly, yongling, there’s a lot for you to absorb. I have fruit and burned you a fish. You may eat while I lecture.”

Shuma ushered Einarr into his home and Einarr ducked through the rounded entranceway. To his surprise, the well-lit cavern was immaculate. Many torches fixed high along the barren brown walls shed a faint golden light even in the nooks and gave the room a tranquil glow. Tiny footprints ran in every direction; along the walls, the ceiling, and the floor which was filled with thick layers of peach sand. A roaring fire sat in the middle, the firewood stacked evenly by the entrance. Piles of large books were scattered and stacked everywhere and shelves held neatly arranged scrolls, ink bottles, and quills in bundles. Baskets filled with fruit, leaves, and nuts filled the empty spaces between the books. The fire cast shadows on additional nooks also crammed with books of all sizes, the doorways carved too low and several were only wide enough for Shuma to fit through. Here and there, shiny objects buried partway in the sand gleamed.

Shuma settled himself, crossing his legs and pointed to a thick mound of blankets bunched on the ground. “I thought you’d be more comfortable on those. I think that’s how your simpleminded species sleeps. Sit or recline, whichever you like. I don’t mind as long as you pay attention. Remove those shoes or you’ll track my sand outside.”

Einarr smirked at the comment. Where-ever he went, bare-footed or in shoes, sand was going with him. Still, he removed his shoes as asked. The dense sand and blankets made the softest seat and he sank down feeling quite comfortable.

“Help yourself to my food. I keep plenty around. I’ve put a fish in this one.” Shuma scooped a handful of nuts and popped them in his mouth. He pushed a basket to Einarr, who immediately ate, not caring that the crunchy fish was beyond charred.

“Did you start this fire so I’d be warm?”

Shuma cackled with clicking noises. “No, my famous student. We Klimbanan-Swimman chill easily. Are you uncomfortable with heat?”

“It’s perfect.” Einarr yawned. “Why are your footprints on the walls and ceiling?”

“Such a curious question. Watch, nipper.” Shuma darted around the walls, ceilings, and floor. “We cling easily to any surface. Sadly, our wings are too small for us to hover. When we extend them, they only support our hopping long distances.” Shuma opened his wings, fluttered them a couple times, and he leapt to his seat.

“Why all the sand?”

In a whisper, Shuma answered. “It conceals my treasure. Mustn’t steal any though. It’s all mine. We’re most protective of our hoards.”

We’ll look more at the Klimbanan-Swimman species in future blog posts.


‘The Lone Hero’ can be purchased where-ever ebooks are sold for $1.99. Click on the link to your right to find a book at your e-store. It’s also available in paperback from Amazon The Lone Hero Paperback for $12.50


In Laurence of Dragon Fame, Laurence (once Einarr) will meet up with Shuma again and meet a couple of Shuma’s descendents. They will also be in future blog posts. ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ will be available soon.

I enjoy developing characters’ personalities. Don’t you?


Love, Honor, and Respect


Five Excerpts From Laurence of Dragon Fame


Laurence of Dragon Fame is entering its last edit. Yay!

Congratulations to Laura L Purvis Shoemaker and Gaye Pilgrim for winning bookmarks.

Here are five more excerpts from ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ to give you a little more on what the book is about:

“Punish him again,” said Arturo, standing with Jules in the doorway.

“I was pretending, father.”

“You made a deal. A deal is a promise and you broke it.” Arturo ripped up the contract and glared at his son. “You’ll learn your lesson. Jules, make sure he feels each strike. I’ll be listening. From morning until midnight this week he’ll work my ledgers and I won’t tolerate one mistake. He’ll get two short meal breaks a day. You and your wife will not sneak him more food or I’ll replace you both. I’ll still expect his services this Saturday.”

“As you wish.” Jules waited for Arturo to return to his study. He tugged the boy closer to the house where his father couldn’t see them and removed his belt.

Crack! The sound echoed through the yard into the open study window. With each blow Laurence cried out and tears ran down his face, but not because of any pain. He cried for Jules, who smacked his own booted leg. With each strike he nodded at the boy and Laurence faked his yelps.

When Jules finished, Laurence hugged him. “I’m sorry.”

“Will you behave like this again?”

“No. I don’t like you hurting yourself.”

“Then maybe I haven’t taught you correctly. True knights never give in to tyranny.”

“I hate him, Jules, I honestly hate him.”




Laurence approached the captured creature. Unconsciously, he patted its and the young dragon rubbed its head against Laurence. Somehow Laurence knew to stab it through the neck or the heart, and he prepared to do so. He placed his hand on the beast’s head and was overwhelmed with fear and an unbearable loneliness. Guilt riddled him. Is this what God wanted him to do? Slay the young? Doubt crept in, but he realized the Church, not his God, demanded this.

He stood off to the side. The young dragon turned its head towards him and yelped. It nudged Laurence, its eyes begging him to understand. He recognized the yelps from the previous night. His instincts told him that it pled for comfort, food, and its mother, and he had a strong desire to fulfill its needs, but he raised his sword in preparation. He had made his decision. Pierce its neck.

“You won’t harm it.” The voice resounded angrily in Laurence’s head. He drew back, shocked, and whirled around, his sword at the ready, and he turned his attention to the sky. The knights followed his gaze.

The large black dragon swooped down from the air. With one talon it cracked the chain. With the other, it snatched the infant and flew into the woods.




Zavat smirked then replied,

“Questions you may ask, of four.

These I’ll answer and no more.”

“I don’t care about your rhyme. We’re offering you two full mugs,” countered Pietro.

“You drank from yours. Besides, two mugs but four questions. That’s double the work for barely a swallow. Water doesn’t quench my needs.” Zavat licked his lips.

“You’re clever, aren’t―”

“Stop,” said Laurence. “Remember he’s much older than us and sneaky.”

Pietro scratched his head. “I forgot he’s a trickster.”

“Just wiser.” Zavat stared longingly at the tankards.

“Whom can’t we see?” asked Pietro.

“Elves,” said Zavat nonchalantly.

Pietro made the sign of the cross. “Don’t speak of such creatures. Someone might overhear. Laurence?”

“It’s true, Pietro. Elves are here this night,” replied Laurence.

“Your religion believes they’re demons, but they’re not. You asked. I explained,” said Zavat. “Next question.”

“Why do you call my cousin your son and he calls you his father?”



Finley leered at Laurence. “It appears I found more targets than I expected. I’ll get paid handsomely for her death. I’ll kill you just out of spite.” Finley spat on the ground. “Guess you forgot I’m smarter than you. I figured you’d entered the haunted woods and where you’d come out. What I didn’t expect was that you hung around with these demons.” Finley scanned the group. “What a haul; two portly dragons and some pointy eared devils. I’ll be rich.” Finley edged towards the group, but his fear of the dragons and elves was obvious and the dragons chuckled.

Szah turned to Zavat. “Who’s he calling fat?”

“He means us,” replied Zavat. They chuckled again.




In the wee hours, he walked outside and along the shore. He remembered he’d been a dragon hunter, but much of his adventures were filled with holes. He rubbed his face and stared out at the ocean, lost in thought when Jules called him to breakfast.

Miriam was already eating when he sat down and she placed her hand on top of his. “Did you say hi to Eilwen? She left a bit ago,” said Mariam.

“Who’s Eilwen?” asked Laurence. “I didn’t see anyone. Jules, did we have a visitor?”

Jules shook his head no.

“I remember that egg in crystals,” she said.

“What egg?” asked Laurence.

“The baby dragon.”

“What baby dragon?” asked Laurence.

“Are you feeling alright?” she asked, worried.

“Are you?” he asked, equally anxious.

“Have you heard from Lord Zavat?” she asked.

“Who’s Lord Zavat?” asked Laurence.

Jules listened to the strange conversation, worried for both of them. Later, he wrote a letter to Pietro about his concerns.



Laurence of Dragon Fame, soon to be published.


Love, Honor, and Respect

Encountering a Past Love and Mini Pumpkin Pies with Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

Hello everyone. It’s a beautiful fall day here in Utah. I hope it’s pleasant where you live.

In ‘The Lone Hero’, Einarr marries and raises a family of four boys, but his wife is called back to her kingdom because her father needs her.

LONE HERO - 2000


In ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ centuries later on Earth, they have a chance to meet again. Here’s today’s short excerpt:

Laurence got up frustrated. “I have no idea what this Void is that you speak of, but I’ll fulfill my obligations. I’ll go now and say my good-bye to my wife.” He started to walk away, but faced Zavat and pointed at him. “I won’t allow you to take these memories from me. They’re mine.”

Zavat turned away from Laurence. “Nothing I’d want to chance.” However, Laurence had the impression that someone might.

He stormed away to the cave, but took a moment to control his temper before entering. His wife was arranging flowers in a vase at a table. Her silken hair fluttered in the soft breezes. She wore a sheer green silk sleeveless surcoat that reached to her ankles and laced up the front. She stopped what she was doing when he entered and stared at the table. “So we say goodbye again? Our time together was too short.” She looked at him and her eyes betrayed her sorrow.

As he walked to her, he undressed. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and kissed her neck, fiddling with the silk and its laces enjoying the feel of the material and her against him. He pulled her towards the bed. “Nice surcoat,” he murmured. “All women should be required to wear this.” He sat her on his lap and ran his finger down her neck to her thighs.

“I thought you’d like it.”

“Mm, very much.” He undid the rest of the laces, relishing every moment of it. “Tonight, my wife, I obey your every desire. Tell me what’s on your mind and if it’s within my ability, I’ll grant it.”

Taelta placed her lips near his ears and turning bright pink she whispered her needs.

“So it shall be.”


Laurence of Dragon Fame will be out before the end of the year. You can purchase ‘The Lone Hero’ at most ebook stores for $1.99. Click on your store’s button to the right.


Want to review ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’? Let me know and I’ll get you a copy.


Mini Pumpkin Pies with Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

These delightful treats are simple and quick to make, and my family loved them. You use Pillsbury Pie Crusts, pumpkin puree, and spices then bake them in mini muffin pans. They take 12 to 18 minutes to bake.

I got the recipe from tablespoon

Unfortunately, I can’t redirect you. Their system seems to be down right now, so basically here’s the recipe:

  • Prep Time 15 min
  • Total Time 35 min
  • Servings 24

Turn a simple pie crust into a cinnamon roll pie crust, top it with pumpkin pie filling, and discover how delicious life is in miniature.


1box Pillsbury™ Refrigerated Pie Crust (they come 2 to a box)

2tablespoons butter, melted

1teaspoon cinnamon

10tablespoons sugar

1 1/4cup pumpkin puree

1large egg

1/2tablespoon cinnamon

Whipped cream for garnish, if desired


  • Preheat oven to 400°F.
  • Unroll the Pillsbury™ pie crusts, use a basting brush to coat one side with melted butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of sugar per pie crust.
  • Roll pie crust back into a log. Cut each pie crust into 12 even pieces.
  • Spray two 12-count mini muffin tins with nonstick cooking spray. Press the cut pieces of pie into the bottom of each cup, pressing with your thumb to move the cinnamon swirl all the way up the sides of the muffin cup, and making a well in the center of the muffin cup.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk together remaining sugar, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and egg until smooth and well combined. Spoon mixture into the center of each cinnamon-roll crust.
  • Bake in oven for 12-18 minutes, or just until the edges of the crust have turned a light golden brown.
  • Allow to cool slightly before removing mini pies from the muffin tins. Top with whipped cream, if desired.
  • Please visit tablespoon when you get a chance. They have the best recipes.

May we all live our lives with Love, Honor, and Respect for each other.

Nightmare or a Dream Laurence of Dragon Fame and Clothespin Ornaments

LONE HERO - 2000

In ‘The Lone Hero’ Einarr spends most of his life in battle to end the great dragon war. During that time, he grows close to his half-father the Dragon Zavat.


My son and his wife bought me the larger black dragon in this photo because of Zavat and I treasure it.


In ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame,’ Einarr comes once again to the aid of Zavat. The immortal is born on Earth and christened Laurence. From early on, Zavat tries to get him to realize his true mission, but the thirteenth century is a time of superstitious people, and that includes Laurence.

Excerpt from Laurence’s 12th birthday:


The short brown female lizard-like dragon spent the night with him sniffling on his chest, clutching him tightly, not speaking, as if she knew he were leaving her.

The vision was clear and he wanted to comfort the poor creature. The scene dissolved into another. Laurence saw himself above the clouds, looking down on a fortress below him. The open doors were draped in fresh white flowers. He peered past the long line through the doors to see dragons and elves crowded in the main room. The hero’s meager possessions hung along the walls. A body shrouded in light lavender lay in the center on a raised stone slab, and he felt severe anguish, for he was the one who had died.

Then a deep voice boomed in his mind. “A dragon and his companion link by a strong tie built upon the companion’s absolute obedience, but ours was a familial relationship at its core.” An enormous black dragon with citrine eyes wailed thunderously in the fortress. His cries echoed around the jungle, answered by many who felt his pain and knew their hero had left them for good.

Laurence stirred restlessly in his sleep. “Who are you?”

“I was once tu patéryour father.”

“Leave me alone.”

“Di Draco has hidden away an important piece of paper regarding you. Retrieve it. Obey.” The eye centered on him.

“Help. Help.” Laurence screamed. “Don’t look at me.”

“Master Laurence, quiet,” whispered Jules. “I’m right here.”

“Let me guess. Another nightmare?” Arturo stood in the doorway, irritated.

“It told me I’m supposed to submit to it.” Laurence trembled.

“You dreamed.” Jules sat on Laurence’s bed. “Dragons don’t speak. They roar.”

“I don’t want to be its slave.”

His father strode to his bed and squeezed his son’s shoulders. “What’s the matter with you, boy? Do you want to be burned to death? Do you want to watch us burn? Don’t mention these demons again, do you understand?” He flung him down on the bed. “Tomorrow morning, Jules will punish you for your sacrilegious thoughts. You like prayer so much, you’ll pray the entire day for forgiveness. You get no food until evening.” He pointed his finger at his son. “You act like an oaf again, you’ll sleep in the stable.” Arturo stormed back to his room.

Laurence gaped at Jules.

“I’ll stay here until you fall asleep,” said Jules. “We’ll worry tomorrow about what must come.”

“You were once a knight who protected our King. How did you overcome your fears and nightmares?”

“I wasn’t a knight once; I will always be so. We all have fears, my young Master. You must face them.”

“Someday, I’ll make that dragon sorry it taunted me all these years.”

“I have no doubt that you will.”

In the wee hours Laurence crept into his father’s room while his father slumbered away. What the beast had explained about some paper nagged at Laurence and he had to know for certain. Carefully he searched through drawers and chests and discovered an ancient box in a trunk, but it needed a key. He sliced through the bottom with his poniard and removed the document, then put the box back, re-covered it, secured the lid on the trunk, and hurried to his room.

In the early morning light, what he read terrified him. The dragon hadn’t lied. What was worse was that he belonged to it. More worrisome was the section inscribed in a mysterious language that he somehow understood. Written to him personally it read, ‘Laurence, mi silius, don’t be afraid or stubborn. You are meant to work with me to save our kind. Long ago, my blood ran through your veins, for you were our Lone Hero and will always be so.’ Laurence read the document then tossed it in his fireplace and watched it burn until not one piece was left.


‘The Lone Hero’ is available where-ever ebooks are sold for only $1.99. ‘ ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ will be available soon.

Want a free copy of ‘The Lone Hero?’ Just leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you.

Christmas Craft


I found this delightful pattern at Altogether Christmas


  • Round top wooden clothespins
  • Red and blue craft paint
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Red and blue pom poms
  • Gold craft braid
  • Gold string or thread
  • Thin black marker
  • Craft glue gun

The supplies won’t cost much, so head over there for the instructions.

Love, honor, and respect to all.

Laurence of Dragon Fame Sequel to The Lone Hero


‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ brings Einarr together again with his dragon half-father, Zavat. When humans lived on the planet Aberforth, some were hand-picked to be companions to certain dragons and Einarr’s family line were companions of the great Zavat, a large black dragon called a Guerrverre.

On the companions’ shoulders were the marks of those particular dragons. From ‘The Lone Hero’:

Einarr removed his tunic and soothed his shoulder with numbing ointment.

“Let me see.”

“It’s just an old ache from years ago. The salve numbs it.”

Harulis turned his arm and inhaled sharply, surprised.

“What’s wrong? Am I growing a claw or some such ridiculous thing? Maybe my ancestor’s face?”

Harulis sat back down and gawked at Einarr, awe-struck.

Einarr grimaced at her and pulled on his shirt. “Tell me more.”

“All companions are born with a birth mark on their shoulder that resembles the shape and color with whom they’re bound. From birth on, the tattoo grows. Yours is well-defined and raised. It’s a Guerrverre and he will track you soon. That’s why it hurts so much. The throbbing will stop when you meet him.”


“What do you like? I think not much.” Zavat cocked his head to the right, and studied Einarr curiously.

Einarr sat straight up and glared. “It’s true.” He shoved a finger at Zavat’s snout. “Our eyes—they’re the same. Same color, same shape. You made me into this monster that I am, the reason my own mother hated me. My hair is shiny black like your scales, and this—you disfigured me. Why?” Einarr pulled up his sleeve and pointed at the blackened and perfectly raised image of a Guerrverre.

“Excellent likeness of me. One of the best I’ve seen,” said Zavat, appraising Einarr’s shoulder.

Furiously, Einarr stared at Zavat, breathing in and out in short bursts.

“My, my. If you weren’t human, you’d be puffing out venom. I’m so proud.” Zavat imitated wiping tears from his face. He closed his lids again. “Back to work.”


In ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame,’ the mark appears again:

Apollo continued. “If you select not to fulfill your destiny, Lord Zavat has asked approval to insert a limited amount of prior memories into you in the future. Understand the significance. Although rarely allowed, we’re considering his request. When you realize who you were, Lord Zavat’s mark will take shape on your shoulder as it did on Aberforth. This will help convince the dragons to follow you. Lord Zavat will meet you later at the gates.”


Now on Earth as Laurence, Einarr doesn’t remember his past life, but he’s aware that a large black dragon is following him:

He got dressed and glanced out his window, rubbing his hand across his face. Dawn was on the horizon and a large winged creature glided above. Laurence wasn’t afraid. This is what he’d been trained for and he was determined to make his first dragon kill today. This fiend deserved death for taunting him his entire life. He grasped his left shoulder and rubbed his birthmark, which throbbed in pain.


Zavat must perform the ancient magic to help Einarr remember:


It huffed impatiently and ripped Laurence’s left sleeve. “I always liked that portrait of me.”

Laurence, curious, turned his arm and looked. Where his birthmark once was, a pronounced image of a dragon now showed, the same dragon sitting in front of him. And the throbbing was gone. He tried to rub it off.


As he and Zavat guide dragons to portals, he shows his mark so dragons will know he was once ‘The Lone Hero:’


Zavat whipped around towards the dragon and spread his wings wide. “No. You’ll not harm mi silius, Chiazzz. Show him my likeness on your arm, Lone Hero.”

Laurence jumped up. Fear gripped him again. He pulled up his sleeve with a shudder and Chiazzz studied the mark then bowed.


Laurence’s cousin hears about the mark and demands to see it:

Pietro smirked. “She thought she was mothering me? They are strange, aren’t they? Show me your arm.”

Laurence held out his right arm with the sleeve down.

“Very nice, but I want to see the left arm, sleeve up.” Pietro pointed at Laurence’s left shoulder.

He bared his arm. “I should just cut off this sleeve.”

Pietro studied the mark. “It’s quite defined. What magic it took to develop such a symbol. This is a highly evolved and intelligent race, not like ours.” Pietro sighed. “My beliefs have changed dramatically.”


‘The Lone Hero is available at $1.99 where-ever ebooks are sold. Click on a store button to the right to find it.

‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ will be available soon.

Want to win a copy of both books? Just let me know in a comment.

Holiday Craft

I’ve had comments that readers have enjoyed the recipes and crafts for Halloween, so I’ll continue through the holidays.

Glowing Angel Ornament


I found this darling and simple pattern at One Artsy Mama

Click the link above to find out how to make her. You won’t believe what makes her glow.

Love, Honor, and Respect to all.

Laurence of Dragon Fame Immortality Halloween Craft Spider Milk Jug

Dragons, Elves, and Hut Dwellers

We’ve been discussing ‘The Lone Hero.’ The main character in this series is Einarr, an immortal being who can choose to travel to other planets in a mortal form. His first mission was to the dragon planet Aberforth. He and his half-father the dragon Zavat worked to end the war between dragons.

LONE HERO - 2000

‘The Lone Hero’ can be purchased in paperback or ebook. For the ebook at $1.99, just click on the button for your store to the right.

Einarr has accepted several other missions and centuries have passed on Earth. Now the dragons need his help again and he’ll be paired with Zavat once more.

The time is 13th century Earth. It’s a time of great upheaval, of knights, and when a church comes into great power. The church now demands that all dragons be slaughtered and anyone practicing pagan rituals be put to death.

The dragons are leaving Earth through portals that connect to Aberforth, but many don’t make it.

Einarr chooses to accept this mission and so he is sent to Earth where he is born mortal and named Laurence Di Draco.



The Middle Ages, The Void, Knights, and Dragons


Einarr arrived at a flowery meadow where birds chirped gaily and a gentle wind stirred the high grasses. Apollo stood with four High Council members. When Einarr approached, they greeted him with nods.

“You’ve been requested for an unusual mission on Earth,” explained Apollo.

Einarr waited for more of an explanation. He already knew he was headed to Earth soon, yet he’d never been ordered to a High Council for any reason.

Apollo continued, “Exceptional circumstances apply. Your task involves the rescue of dragons. This is a serious time on Earth when a new religion has formed, acquiring power and followers. Its leaders serve death to all who don’t convert and the end of dragons. They label them evil when in reality this new religion is threatened by the dragons’ eminence.”

Einarr rubbed his chin. This explained what he suspected. “I sensed a problem with the dragons on Earth and I’ve felt troubled, but I didn’t expect to work with dragons again. No wonder mi patér has been on my mind. Of course I accept.”

One of the Council indicated for Apollo to clarify further. “Two events were possible. Since those in mortal form alter their course at any given time, we waited to see which way the wheel turned. It continues to involve a massive extinction.” Apollo paused to study Einarr’s reaction, but Einarr remained calm.

Apollo continued. “If you select not to fulfill your destiny, Lord Zavat has asked approval to insert a limited amount of prior memories into you in the future. Understand the significance. Although rarely allowed, we’re considering his request. When you realize who you were, Lord Zavat’s mark will take shape on your shoulder as it did on Aberforth. This will help convince the dragons to follow you. Lord Zavat will meet you later at the gates.”

Is it possible? thought Einarr.

Apollo smiled. “Yes, you’ll work with your dragon father again.”

Einarr hadn’t expected this, but he’d be happy for such an assignment. “I understand and will fulfill my duty.”

“It’s easy to accept here, but when you no longer recall your former existence, your emotions may cause dire consequences.”

“I won’t fail, I assure you.”

“You are the Lone Hero and willful, although stubborn, and so you’ve been chosen above other dragon companions.”


(What do you think will happen? Will Zavat have to force Einarr’s memories from Aberforth or will Einarr accept working with dragons again?)


Laurence of Dragon Fame is soon to be released.

Halloween Craft Spider Milk Jug

Halloween is almost here, so here’s a simple, easy craft:




Milk Jug Spider Treat Container Craft for Kids

Place treats in this scary milk jug spider and your visitors will have a fun time trying to retrieve them.

What you will need: Empty plastic milk jug, craft foam, large googly eyes, newspaper, hot melt glue, black duck tape, black acrylic paint or black spray paint, tape, and wire or pipe cleaners.

How to make:

  1. Wash and dry the plastic milk jug. Cut a line from side to side at the top of the jug about one inch below where the jug starts to form the top of the jug as shown in the picture.
  2. Cut a one-inch section from the handle so that the top of the jug can be bent back and the mouth opened. Tape the remaining handle together so that the mouth stays open.
  3. To make the legs place two pieces of newspaper together and line them up. Roll the two pieces into a tube starting from one corner and go to the corner diagonally from the one you start with. Tape the roll in the center and then fold it in half and cut it. Make eight legs altogether. Glue the legs to the milk jug. If you are using acrylic paint, you must glue the legs to the jug before you paint it. If you glue them to the paint they will just pull the paint off the jug and fall off. If you use spray paint, you can paint the jug first.
  4. Paint the entire jug and the legs black.
  5. Cut fangs from craft foam and glue them to the top of the mouth. To finish glue on googly eyes. Place treats in the spider’s mouth.


Sweet and simple.

Love, honor, and respect to all.

Three Things on my Mind Welcome Autumn A Halloween Recipe Excerpt From the Lone Hero



Hello everyone and hello to autumn. There’s nothing like the beauty of nature with its myriad colors and the crisp chill in the air.

Autumn signals to me a time of crafting and cooking; a time when I’ll be home-bound now through late spring. Although I love autumn, my health is worse and I’m cold sensitive. I find this strange since I grew up in the northeast corner of Ohio where winter weather is extreme and I had no problems then.

So, starting today, as a gift to you, I’ll be posting a recipe or a craft with my book excerpts. If you follow one or more of my blogs and/or follow me on Facebook plus comment on the excerpt, I’ll be doing some drawing prizes later on. Details to follow in another blog.

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The past three years I’ve been working on the sequel to ‘The Lone Hero’

LONE HERO - 2000

The Lone Hero is the story of an immortal being Einarr who accepts a mission to the dragon planet Aberforth to put an end to the dragon war. The book is available where-ever ebooks are sold for $1.99. Click on the image and it will take you to Amazon. (Cover by Roger Lawrence and Joleene Naylor)

In the sequel ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ Einarr is called on another mission, this time to Earth. It’s the 13th century and christianity has taken hold. The church has issued an order for the death of all dragons. Einarr must help get the dragons safely back to Aberforth.


(Cover by Joleene Naylor).


From the ‘The Lone Hero.’

How the war started:

“There’s a weird clump in this ground,” said Mehu as he felt around the ground where he had slept. “We found a dragon’s egg! Notice the light brown color with spots all over it?”

“Maybe that’s how you get a dragon. You have to find an egg.”

“What luck. We’ll raise it then we’ll teach it to take us everywhere.”

The boys struggled to push it up onto the sand.

“It’s huge and heavy,” said Akimo. “How will we get it down?”

“Don’t be dumb. We’ll just slide it.”

They scooped out a pathway to the ledge. With their combined strength, they maneuvered the heavy egg into position and gave it a shove. It rolled rapidly. The boys chased it but when it hit the bottom it cracked open.

Loud squeals erupted as the imperfectly formed draecub struggled to live. It collapsed partly out of its egg; half of its body still adhered inside. The boys tried to soothe it patting its head.

“It’s still hooked to its bed.” Mehu realized if they forced it out it would surely die. “We need Mamma. She delivers babies so she’ll know what to do.”

They tugged at the broken egg but it barely moved so they talked soothingly to the draecub instead. Still it shrieked, each scream an effort until it scarcely whimpered, struggling for each breath. Finally, it flopped forward, silent.

“I think it’s sleeping,” said Mehu.

That’s when they heard the resonant screeching from above and an immense tan dragon alighted. When she examined her lifeless draecub, she turned on the boys and cawed and hissed viciously. They deliberately walked backwards but she grabbed them with her front claws and flew.



Now, as promised a recipe. I found this delightful Halloween recipe at: food.com

You need oil for frying, 4 russet potatoes, and salt.


  1. Heat the oil to 325 degrees in a deep fryer or large heavy, deep skillet. Peel the potatoes and slice lengthwise into 1/4 inch thick slices.
  2. Cut the potato slices into bat shapes with a cookie cutter. Pat the slices dry with a paper towel.
  3. Fry the slices in small batches until cooked through but not brown. Remove from the fat and let drain on the paper towels.
  4. Increase the temperature of the oil to 375 degrees and refry the potatoes in small batches until brown and crispy.
  5. Drain again on paper towels, salt, and serve hot.

We’ve made homemade potato chips many times. I use one of my favorite tools. It cuts the potatoes thin and the cutter has a crinkly design. They’re really easy to make and quick.


I bought it years ago and love it. It is sharp though. You only need to ask my fingers.

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