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Fantasy and Immortality

UPDATE: Laurence of Dragon Fame is ready to be formatted to ebook and paperback. Yay! It shouldn’t be long now before it’s ready for you to read!


‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ is the second book in the dragon series and part of my Immortals collection.

The Immortals were first introduced in ‘Always’.


(I’d like to thank the talented Joleene Naylor for these fantastic covers.)

The Immortals live on the Other Side where they dwell in peace and love. They may choose whenever they wish to be born into mortality on any planet they want to improve themselves or to accomplish missions.

Einarr is my lead Immortal. He has an eternal love, Katura. He is a strong Immortal and intelligent, but serious. He has a circle of friends that includes Paulos (a legendary Greek Warrior and Olympian) and Jenniere (an Amazon Warrior from Atlantis).

When born into mortality, they’re given names by their mortal parents, so in ‘Always’ Einarr is named Simon Isaac Umbridge.

LONE HERO - 2000

(I thank Roger Lawrence and Joleene Naylor for this amazing cover.)

‘The Lone Hero’ is where Einarr is named Einarr, and he choses to keep that name for all eternity.

In ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ Einarr is given the name Laurence Di Draco.

But no matter what his name, his immortal personality remains the same.

Here are some excerpts from the three books:



Unable to sleep due to his surfaced emotions, Simon attempted to drown his persistent phantoms with a bottle of Scotch. Damn Dixie. Damn all women, he thought. He got out of bed, downed another large swallow of his drink, and dressed. He knew what he must do to release the demons that haunted him. It never failed.

Simon splashed cold water on his face and ran his hand through his hair. Pull it together, man. I must make them think they’re setting me up. Easy enough to do. There are plenty of idiots who need a good bashing. Staring at himself in the mirror, he flexed his hands several times. His jaw set tight, his right thumb jerked. One quick conflict and good-bye to his nagging memories. He dried his face, put on his jacket, and headed out to brawl.


The Other Side:

The placid day echoed the soft sounds of murmuring brooks, twittering birds, chiming bells, and choirs singing from all directions. Harmony permeated everywhere. The ultra-violet sky illuminated the foliage, and brilliant colours shone in sparkling hues.

Spirits walked about or popped in or out. Some entered buildings, others mused with friends; smiling spirits in appeased states. Dressed in long flowing robes of white or soft pastels, they greeted each other respectfully through telepathy.

Time ran continually, with no finite lives or linear periods. No sadness, no evil, no violence, no fear, no worries existed. Unity, happiness, and goodwill abounded. An eternity of serenity, contentment, and piety prevailed. An air of love wound throughout the Kingdom.

Now and then, mellow tinklings and hymns could be heard from below. These sounds brought joy to this cherished Realm.

Einarr walked with his beloved Katura in his favourite place, the Jasmine Gardens near the Guides’ School. His dog companion Chirr was with them. Kek-Kek, once a sparrow hawk, sang in a nearby tree embellished with pink-and rose-hued flowers of many shapes.


The Lone Hero:

The Other Side:

The class exited and solemnly progressed along the path to the next building. Similar to the Dome Room, a large globe occupied the center, rimmed by seats set apart from each other.

Once Einarr sat, the name ‘Einarr’ resonated through him. He watched bits of his lives unfold, beginning with his first excursion to Aberforth. Several scenes depicted him with his associates, and he heard Laurence, Night Watcher, Edgar, and Simon among many titles.

Aberforth – the dragon homeworld:

Einarr adopted a strict regimen, refusing to waste a moment in his madness to exact revenge. Respite only brought the haunting nightmares, guilt, and panic. He allowed a few berries when they woke up with short breaks until nightfall when they would search for more food. He’d hunt or fish while she collected fruits and roots. When he caught an animal he’d practice slaughtering techniques that he’d develop, much to the horror of his mother. After their meal, Einarr spent time searching for small game which he’d cook during the night so they didn’t squander time the next day. Sometimes they ate while they walked. Once settled for the night, he’d sharpen his weapons that were once his father’s.

The years passed and he became adept at finding dragons and thrilled in the kill. He developed the ability to detect where they would be and how many, when to remain distant from them, and when to charge. He couldn’t count how many he’d dealt with. That didn’t matter to him. Plenty still roamed the skies. He pleasured in taunting his enemy whenever he got the chance. Everyone thought the creatures were clever and extremely strong, but Einarr knew better. He immobilized them effortlessly. Not until he eradicated every last dragon would he give up his pursuit.


‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’

The Other Side:


Time passed. Einarr often visited Aderheim Draconus and always participated in the games. He and his grandmother never lost. He had traveled to Earth twice on missions since Aberforth, but his experiences on the dragon planet remained his most memorable and molded him into a powerful and resilient individual, thus creating the strong bond between him and dragons.

He had been dedicated to his missions and forthright in his deeds, but his first mortal life as the Lone Hero and half-son to Zavat had honed his mental and physical abilities beyond those of normal spirits. Even though eons had passed since his time on the dragon planet and even though he’d traveled twice to Earth, Einarr missed Aberforth the most and especially his father. Of the families he’d acquired when in corporeal form, of those he had come to love, he treasured Zavat the most.




It was late afternoon when an agitated Laurence led his black steed to the appointed spot. They had crawled through thick thorny bushes eventually reaching towering boulders. Zavat had cussed repeatedly at the brambles and thorns that jabbed the sensitive pads of his paws.

Normally, Laurence would have teased Zavat, but his anxiety gripped him and nothing seemed funny. He had been contemplating this gathering and he was sure of one thing. Dragons did exist and they did pay homage to him. How many bowed when they saw him? How many stood in awe? How many called him the Lone Hero? But an Elven wife and children? Yet he fondly remembered them and missed them dearly.

He hadn’t been back to see the D’Onores in months nor had he written to them. He hadn’t given them much thought at all. He and Zavat had been busy checking that dragons had left their lairs or guiding them to passageways. He and Zavat had become close again and he knew beyond a doubt that Zavat was his true kin.


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Thank you for taking the time to read these excerpts.


Love, Honor, and Respect to all.


Stepping Stones a Book of Poetry by DM Yates

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Today, I want to share with you two poems from my book of poetry, Stepping Stones to Love, Honour, and Respect.

Isn’t the cover beautiful? It’s another cover made for me by my talented and awesome friend, Joleene Naylor:


Joleene understood just what I wanted for my cover. I’d explained it from a dream I had. Thank you again, Joleene, for another amazing cover.


I love poetry. I always have. I was first influenced by ‘A Child’s Garden of Verses’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.  That book sent me on my way to writing poetry.

Poetry warms the soul and it certainly does mine.

Here’s a video I made where I recite two of my favorite poems from my book. If you’re interested in downloading, just click the smashwords link above. If you want to purchase the book (99cents for e-readers) just click on the button to the right.


Love, Honor, and Respect to all.

Police Officer Shoots and Kills Pet Dog in Salt Lake City Utah

Every one of us has causes that we support because they mean so much to us.

One of mine, as many of you know is abuse and mistreatment of any living thing. I’m especially concerned for those who can’t speak for themselves: the elderly, the children/infants, and Mother Earth’s children and so I’m going to tell you of an event that has left me feeling extremely sad.

Wednesday in a Salt Lake City neighborhood parents couldn’t find their 3-yr-old toddler and called the police. Two hours later the child was discovered hiding in his own home.

Meanwhile, one of the police officers went to a neighbor’s house and supposedly knocked on the door but no one was home. I say ‘supposedly’ because the first news article to report it said he went straight into the backyard.

In his dog house in his backyard was a 2-yr-old Weimaraner dog was resting. Now, I don’t know how your dogs are in your backyard but generally if a stranger enters their protective territory, dogs will react usually with barking and growling and nervousness. This breed is a little different. Although rather large and muscled they are a loving, attentive breed.


According to the police officer he felt threatened by the dog and discharged two shots, one hit this poor animal in the head and he died instantly.

Utahns are in an uproar, I among them. This has happened way too often across our country. The law says we must keep our pets in a fenced backyard. The owner was complying with the law, yet the officer shot and killed his pet. 

Pets are no longer dumb animals to us. They are family members and we love them. The owner is devastated. In videos it’s easy to see how much the dog and its owner loved each other.


The Salt Lake Police Dept’s Internal Review is looking into the officer who shot the dog and has contacted the Humane Society to discuss better methods of handling people’s pets in the future. In the meantime online news reports have been flooded with comments, the police dept’s phone line has received an abundance of outraged calls as has the local Humane Society. There’s also a rally planned for Sat Jun 28 in front of the Police Dept. https://www.facebook.com/events/250253015181626/

When will we, as a society, learn that guns don’t have to be the first line of defense? I’m all for freedom, and that includes gun ownership, but let’s be sensible about using them.

I ask for your support by liking Justice for Geist on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeforGeist and support against police shooting our pets, Dogs Shot by Police:


 Let’s also realize that we’re not the only species on our planet, that we share our Earth with so many other living things, and that we should have the deepest respect for all living beings whether it be animals, water, plants, trees – these things live. 

The destruction of our planet is done by humans. Not trees, not wildlife, not even Mother Nature, but humans. I’ve read many articles lately that Mother Nature has had enough and is now fighting back and she’s a force that is beyond our ability to fight against.

 Yes, I’m from the 60s and have a hippie attitude, but I do believe in the importance of law enforcement and a strong military. However, let’s use these resources intelligently.

 My heart goes out to the owner and the suffering and loss he’s feeling these days. As many of you know, I lost one of my dogs to cancer last year, and there are times that I still miss my little sweetheart daily. They do leave an empty spot in our homes. That being said, a Weinaraner has offered one puppy from his last litter to this owner. Kindness and generosity. It helps to heal doesn’t it?

Besides all this, may I send my gratitude to the Salt Lake Police Dept for their desire to improve how their officers deal with this situation. I’m also offering my support and sympathy to the officer trained to make quick decisions in what he must determine to be life threatening situations or not. For some reason (none of us were there so we shouldn’t really judge his action) he felt the need to defend himself. Sadly, it led to a loss of life. What would any of us had done in that same situation?

 Love one another, respect and love all, and honor all. Love, honor, and respect. And all will do the same to you. We can make this a better world by our thoughts and actions. Hug your loved ones everyday including your pets and tell them that you love them. Change happens in a blink of an eye.

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 LHR (love, honor, and respect)


All You Need is Love

It’s true, isn’t it? All we all need is love. To be loved, to feel loved, to have love.

Love starts when you can open your heart to love yourself without judgement, with patinence, when you can accept you as being perfect just the way you are. When you can do that, an amzaing thing happens.

Your heart, your soul, and your mind opens to the gifts from the great Universe and you learn to love others equally. That’s a tough thing to do in our world with all its horrors and negativity, but you can be a shining beacon of love in this world. It all starts with you.

One of my favorite stories is about Julia Ward Howe, author of ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic.’

It is said that she expressed concern to a senator about someone who needed help. The senator said, “Julia, I’ve become so busy that I can no longer concern myself with individuals.” Julia responded, “That’s remarkable. Even God hasn’t reached that stage yet.”

Many of us feel there’s something missing in our lives. Yes, we love our spouses, our partners, our families, our friends, and our pets; yet something is missing.

I believe in eternal love. I believe that the Other Side is run totally on a love so deep, so binding that we can’t fathom it here on Earth. Within this love is no judgement, no negativity, and that’s where, I believe, our eternal partners are. For some of us on our journey at this time we’re together again, for others the partner, the twin waits for our return and loves us yet and always will.

That’s why in my novels I show the Other Side with eternal friends and partners. Our journeys here are for lessons to learn, to gain strengths, and the time here is really short compared to an eternity, but we must learn to love those we’re with, to love all species, all living things, and that starts by loving ourselves.

Those of you who’ve read ‘Always’ have seen the love between Einarr and Katura, but what of their friends? Does Paulos who is called Dixon in ‘Always’ have an eternal love? Is it Jesse, whose eternal name is Mina? What about Dixie who choose poorly in her mate in ‘Always’?

If you read ‘The Lone Hero’, you met some new characters in Einarr’s life. One of those is Atomo, a young man who believes in succeeding, who is a gifted warrior like Einarr but is forever trying to be better than Einarr. Once they return from Aberforth back to the Other Side, Atomo develops eternal love but his love isn’t so quickly realized. Here’s part of a scene from my soon-to-be-published 3rd book in the series, ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame.’ This scene takes place on the Other Side:


Finally, the three men sat on the ground in the Jasmine Gardens where Katura combed her fingers through Jenniere’s wavy red hair.

“I feel like I still have those obnoxious Tsii-fyres in my hair,” explained Jenniere.

Paulos plopped next to her, running his hands through her hair and teased, “Here’s one. Here’s another. Here’s a cluster of them.” They both laughed as she smacked him.

Atomo smiled briefly before he walked away, but Einarr caught up with him.

“It is as I expected. You care for Jenniere.”

Atomo said nothing.

“They’re twins, there’s nothing between them in a romantic way. They plan on being twins on Earth someday too. They’re inseparable, however, she still hasn’t met her eternal mate.” explained Einarr.

“They’re not lovers?”

“No. Approach her.”

“I’m not you, Einarr.”

“Will you not tell her how you feel?”

“Her personality is strong. I’ve tried, but she rejects such feelings. I have a plan though.” Atomo explained to Einarr what he was thinking for the future.

Einarr grinned. “It will work.” He called for Jenniere. When she arrived he explained, “Atomo needs a mate with strength of character for a future Earth life.”

Jenniere studied Atomo. Einarr continued. “I think you would be perfect, if you’re up to the challenge. Will you contract with him for that mission?”

“Yes.” With that, Jenniere walked away.

Atomo nodded to Einarr and shining lustrously, left for his home group.

In a future novel, set in the 1940’s, Atomo and Jenniere will have their chance to accept love.

I think that as Atomo watches Jenniere and thinks that she belongs to Paulos, his emotions are much like ‘You Don’t Know Me,’ song by Elvis Presley:

As for Paulos and Mina, well, you’ll just have to wait and see if they’ll end up eternal lovers.

Don’t be afraid to love those who surround you now. Say those magic words to them. Forgive and forget.

If you haven’t read my latest novel ‘The Lone Hero’ give it a try. In it, Einarr learns love, love of a man for a woman, love for his wife and children, and a binding love to dragons. Unusual story, again emphasizing that what we love here, we’ll bind with us to the Other Side. By the way, in ‘The Lone Hero’ I show how Einarr and Katura become eternal lovers.

Can you love a dragon? Well, if they were real in our world, why not? We do love our pets. I can’t help but show you this cute, cute video about the man who trained Chopper, the dog in Pirates of the Caribbean. Sadly, it doesn’t allow sharing so just follow the link. The video is only 1min long and you’ll love it.


Remember the great words from Alfred Lord Tennyson: It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before.

Love, Honor, and Respect.