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Defining Characters Dragons Continued

What if you as a writer wanted to develop an entire world of dragons? How would you go about it? The name of the planet came to me easy enough – Aberforth, and an epic poem began, but also a story developed.

On Earth there are many different types of people and many species of animals. Wouldn’t it be the same elsewhere? To get inspiration, I combed the internet for dragon images. Then, as my imagination went into drive, I developed a variety of dragons and their personalities.

My favorite dragon is the Klimbanan-Swimman, a smaller brown dragon with dark brown rings around him and white tufts of fur on his head. Klimbanan-Swimman means climber-swimmer and they’re very agile, swift, and highly intelligent.

In The Lone Hero, I introduced readers to Shuma, his mate Tsama, and Zeemsa.

LONE HERO - 2000

In Laurence of Dragon Fame, I’m introducing two of Shuma’s grandchildren, Tsazo and Tzuzutz.

Klimbanan-Swimman have certain characteristics. For one thing, they don’t think humans are very intelligent.

Here is when Pietro meets Tsazo and Tzuzutz:

“I’ll send a runner to you if I do,” said Pietro.

“His runner is heading your way,” said Zavat.

Pietro smirked. “You don’t hide communing with your long lost relative so well. What’s the problem?”

Tsazo peeked his head in from the doorway.

“Mio Dio, it’s the same lizard from the desert and the mountains.”

“No need to be afraid, superstitious dumb-dumb,” said Tsazo. “Hut-dwellers are slow thinkers, I know. I’m not a lizard, dim-witted biped, I’m a dragon.”

Pietro chuckled. “He talks too? He insults me while being nice? Is this true that he’s a dragon?”

Tsazo scurried onto the bed and under the covers. “How are your legs?” He scampered up and down them while he pushed and nipped. He pulled and pushed on Pietro’s toes. “Do you feel this? Does it hurt? What about now?”

“What are you doing, little one? Get out of my covers.” Pietro tugged on him and Tsazo re-appeared and sat on Pietro’s chest.

“You’re heavy for a lizard.”

“I’m not a lizard, slow-minded hut-dweller.” He leaned and patted Pietro’s cheek. “Nice human. Nice boy. Good nipper. I’ll explain in simple terms so you understand. There are many kinds of dragons.”

Laurence explained. “This dragon’s a Klimbanan-Swimman and he’s young. It means climber-and-swimmer because they’re good at both. They’re small, agile, and clever and they think humans are dimwitted.”

“I understand that point already,” said Pietro.

“I’m to be your runner.” Tsazo proudly pointed to his chest, “and in case you need two, my younger sister will help.” Tsazo called out, “Tzuzutz.”

A smaller brown dragon crept around the doorframe. She had several tufts of white hair about her head, more than most Klimbanan-Swimmans, and tiny dark brown rings about her body.

“This is my sister, Tzuzutz. I call her Fuzzy because of the furry bunches on her head. She came to meet the Lone Hero.”

“What’s a lone hero?” asked Pietro.

“Why, the famous hut-dweller, the dragons’ greatest hero, of course, and a biped even.” Tsazo pointed at Laurence.

Tzuzutz walked to Laurence and bowed respectfully. She swayed as she spoke timidly. “Mi patér and mi grand-parents talk often of you, Lone Hero. Tsazo and I go to your burial chambers regularly. We help keep it clean with Zeemsa. I read your legends all the time and listen to Zeemsa’s stories about you.” She shyly put her claw in her mouth and shuffled her feet.

Laurence knelt on one knee and patted his other knee. Tzuzutz jumped up and sat down. He took her paw and kissed it and she giggled.

“Ooh, curls.” She fluffed his hair. “Lots of them.”

He removed her claws from his locks and kissed her paw again. She tittered. “I’m not permitted to remember much about my past life, but I’ll say this. Both of you resemble your grand-parents, whom I remember well and love, and I’m glad you keep the fortress clean.”

“Very clean,” she said, nodding yes.

“Very clean,” repeated Laurence with a smile.

Tzuzutz cupped a hand near her mouth. “Tsazo helps because of Zeemsa. Whenever he’s near her he looks like this.” She clasped her hands to her chest, leaned in towards Laurence, opened her eyes wide, fluttered her lashes, and sighed.

“I do not,” said Tsazo, embarrassed.

“Do too,” she replied. “You favor Zeemsa.”

“H’m,” said Laurence. “Zeemsa’s like a daughter, er, dhugheter to me. Maybe I should be concerned.”

Tzuzutz giggled and jumped off his knee. She ran around the walls and up onto the bed then settled down next to héré bhrater who nipped at her.

“You love these dragons, I see this. They adore you and you’re a hero to them because you’re saving them?” asked Pietro.

“Because he’s—”

Tsazo interrupted his sister. “No, Tzuzutz. Lord Zavat doesn’t allow us to say.” He bit her.

“Ow. I know, but I want to tell the poor sickly human. Our stories might cheer him. Laurence was the Lone―”

Tsazo bit harder.

“No biting in my bedroom,” warned Pietro.

“That’s how Klimbanan-Swimmans train each other,” said Laurence.

“Not in my room. Taddeo was a biter. I still bear marks. So, your horse has a name and a title. Lord Zavat. Does it mean anything?”

“It means big troublemaker,” replied Laurence.

Tsazo and Tzuzutz doubled over while they emitted their high pitched squeals of laughter and Zavat whinnied.

Pietro scrutinized his cousin then turned to his two guests. “I’ll allow you to visit and to be runners, but you mustn’t let anyone see or hear you. When we’re alone at night, I’ll tell you stories about me and you whisper your secrets to me.”

Both Klimbanan-Swimmans looked at Laurence, who shook his head ‘no.’

“We’ll see,” said Pietro.

“We’ll see,” agreed Tzuzutz. “Can we have warm fires every night?” She tucked his blankets tighter around him.

“You’re my guests, so of course.”

“And fruits and nuts?” asked Tsazo.

“As much as you want, if you don’t bite.”

“We’d never bite you hard,” said Tsazo. Tzuzutz agreed.

“They’ll keep me good company and I may learn some little known facts about you, Cousin,” said Pietro.

Laurence gave the Klimbanan-Swimmans a warning look.


Will they tell too much? It’s in their nature to talk alot.


Laurence of Dragon Fame is getting closer to being published. The Lone Hero is already available where-ever ebooks are sold for $1.99. Just click on your store button to the right.

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Betrayed a Dark Steamy SciFi Romance

I’m continuing with ‘Betrayed’ on Wattpad. This is still chapter eight where the Yardanians and Aubrey are meeting with her husband Bill and the U.S. ambassador, who are trying to negotiate Aubrey’s release. Aubrey’s heard enough from her husband and throws a tangent, wanting him to know what she’s gone through, but he counters with what he’s had to go through.


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Stuart Akin Fantasy Scifi Author

My final post for showcasing authors is on Stuart Akin.

Stuart not only writes fantasy and scifi (my favorite reads) but he’s also written romance, horror, literary, erotica, and thriller, so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy among his works. You can click on the picture above to see his biography and his books that are available on Amazon.

Stuart has a wonderful blog: Stuart Aken WordPress and I encourage you to follow it. My favorite posts are his helpful posts on finding the right word. I’ve learned alot from these posts. Stuart puts alot of time and effort into whatever he does, so you’re sure to see quality work from him.

You can also follow Stuart on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StuartAken

This is one author that anyone’s sure to find the perfect book to read, so go to his Amazon page and give one of his books a try.

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Romance Author Ruth Ann Nordin

I was in Wattpad recently and discovered that a friend of mine, Ruth Ann Nordin, had an entire book there to read. Well, I delved in and found that I couldn’t stop reading it.


I have to say, this is a delightful read. The story is about an author that gets taken into her story by the male character that she was writing as a bad guy. He wants to prove to her that she’s got him all wrong. This is definitely a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good book.

I liked the book so much that I went to Amazon and purchased it. Just click on the book cover and check it out.

I asked Ruth Ann if she would do a blog post for me, and here it is:

Contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, romance readers don’t read romance because they like trashy novels.  They aren’t sex-crazed bored housewives who desperately need something useful to do with their lives.  I don’t know who started this stereotype, but it doesn’t play out in real life.  Just like people who like horror novels aren’t secretly keeping dead bodies in their basement or performing sacrificial rituals in their backyard.  But I’m not talking about horror novels.  I’m talking about romances and why romances are popular.


The reason why they’re popular is because they guarantee a happy ending.  You can rest assured going in that you are investing your time into characters who won’t die on you or end up unhappy.  You don’t have to go to the end of the book to look at the last page wondering if everything will end up okay before you get started.  You know the hero and heroine labeled in the description will end up together.


Some of you may wonder what’s the point if you already know how things will end.  It’s simple.  The key isn’t how the book is going to end.  The key is the journey.  It’s how the hero and heroine will find their happy ending.  The safety net in reading a romance is knowing that no matter how bad things get for our main characters, you know everything will work out for them in the end.  It’s about hope.


I think romance readers are some of the happiest and most optimistic people I’ve come across.  They’re supportive and caring.  They tend to be happy in their marriages, and they tend to spread happiness wherever they go.  I think that’s why they enjoy romances.  Romances are about giving two people a happy ending, and when those characters get that happy ending, the readers (in turn) share in that happy ending.


There is a connection between the character and the reader.  The reader wants to escape into the character’s world.  Romances allow the reader to escape into the journey of the heart.  But this doesn’t detract from the reader’s real life.  I’d say it enhances it.  Since most romance readers I know are happily married, they aren’t looking to put a hero into their husband’s shoes.  They just want to enjoy someone else’s journey of the heart.


I don’t know how else to explain it.  Since there seems to be so many people who have a hard time understanding what makes romances so popular, I’m hoping this post will help explain it.  I’ve been married for sixteen years, and while my husband and I have had our ups and downs, we’re happy together.  In fact, I’d say the longer we’ve been married, the better things get because we understand and accept each other (faults and all) a lot easier.  So when I read romances, it’s not because I’m a bored and lonely housewife.  It’s because I know how wonderful romance is and enjoy watching two characters discover this for themselves.


Ruth Ann has several romance available on Amazon. Check out her page and be sure to follow her:

Ruth Ann Nordin Amazon


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The Dimidiums Book One Bound by Love

Creative people will tell you that often we’re nagged by ideas. So it was with this five book series.

It was last January that the idea hit. I was dusting when I thought of a good-looking man walking down a street in a Nevada small town, and I wondered, what if he were half vampire and half human? And I even felt his name should be Trevor. Trevor Dittmar.

I was off writing the series.


Cover Image: images from Vector Backgrounds, lighthousestock, DavidSchrader and canstock,

Cover by Joleene Naylor


Didn’t Jo do a great job with this cover too?


I’m not going to tell you about the book and post excerpts. I will tell you it’s a fantasy romance that deals with family relationships, love, and even vampires.


I’ll let the trailer explain the book for me:

The Dimidiums Book One Trailer

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The Lone Hero by DM Yates

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The Lone Hero

About eight years ago, a story in Epic form came to me about ‘The Halls of Aberforth’, the home planet of dragons. I’m still working on it, but here is the first stanza:

Gathered the mist and the gloom and in deep fog around,

circling along halls of great Aberforth surrounds.

Warriors both young and old, waiting in the great hall,

the decisive vote for a war has brought the call.

LONE HERO - 2000

Another story developed from the epic, ‘The Lone Hero.’

I thank Roger Lawrence and Joleene Naylor for this perfect cover.

The Lone Hero is best told in power point with the video trailer attached:

The Lone Hero from Donna DM Yates 

 (I hope the above takes you to the video. If not, just go here: The Lone Hero

This is the beginning tale of the Immortal Einarr’s relationship with dragons and especially his closeness with his dragon father (and Grandus Leader of all Dragons), Zavat.


From ‘The Lone Hero’, I had to have the dragons meet with Einarr again. This time, the Immortal Einarr is born mortal on Earth and christened Lawrence Di Draco in the novel ‘Lawrence of Dragon Fame’ which will be out later this year.


(images from Catmando, rudall30 and canstock

cover by Joleene Naylor)

Why stories about dragons? Because I’m fascinated by the fables and legends of dragons and I thought, what if dragons really do exist? What if they have their own planet but have portals into our world?

Remember, ‘The Lone Hero’ is FREE through the end of July at Smashwords. Just click on the Smashwords Button. Everywhere else, it’s 99cents until the end of July.

It’s summer reading time. Grab one of my books and enjoy a walk through fantasy.

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